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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

**Part Two** HoLiDay Weekend Road Trip...

The Burkhardt's decided to once again - REALLY PACK-IN as much as we could over our 2-1/2 day get away... ~ We heard there were "2" ANTIQUE SHOWS in Northern Wisconsin - MINOCWA & EAGLE RIVER... The drive to them, from Minnesota, was do able...  We wandered along many a tree-lined road, coming upon just a few antique shops...  The "2" upscale indoor shows turned out to be a "BROWN-OUT" with lots of Northwoods Cabin items...  -  We didn't buy a thing!!!  HOWEVER - can you believe this ~ "We came across a FLEA MARKET"!!! 

This caught my eye from the road in front of an antique store...  YES - that best shabby coffee table got tossed in the car for sure!!!

FaBuLouS Piece of "Bling" ~ mixed in with "Beer Trays"- OMG!!!


A good way to display a salvaged "trunk lid"...

We enjoyed stopping every so often at little parks to read Historical Markers...
The Up-North woodsy fragrance was wonderful!!!

There it was...  A very welcoming sight after hours of tree-lined roads...
AND - it was happening that day!!!

What will I find???

OMG!!! ~ A Flea Market I've never been to...  As it turned-out, it was a total "junker" flea market... Tube socks... spices... many a dollar table...  HOWEVER, I did come away with a few shabbies - of course!*!*!

Stunning display!!!

I just LoVed this "ViNtaGe Paris Apartment" Chair!*!*!   It's even more fabulous with lots of chippiness in the wood/gesso frame!!!  I could just see this used as a prop with a bling-bling ChAnDeLieR hanging above!!!! - YES!*!*!  I also loved this little table...  Although it has no drawers, I loved it's form...  What will I do with it???? ~ I'm "just thinking" at this point, but perhaps I'll have Jeff saw it in half, and I'll apply it to a board of sort - FOR A SHaBBy SaLe Sign???? 

*** Hope to see YOU this Weekend at Viva la Cottage's Outdoor ViNtaGe Market/Show***  Saturday, July 10th
"Door County" Peninsula - Sister Bay, Wisconsin
(click on my side-bar for details) 
I'll have lots of ViNtaGe Finds from this past weekend's Shopping @ Hunt & Gather!!!
Don't Miss Out...  
Plan a weekend get away in Door County!


  1. Wow! I live about 30 minutes from Shawano. It's not a great flea market by any measure...haven't been there in years for that reason. I'm happy you found a couple of treasures - love the chair!

    The next time you're in central Wisconsin, try the Princeton Flea Market (Princeton, WI). I grew up in the area and attended *every* Saturday for YEARS. I always found super, super stuff.

    And there is a shop next to the flea market (along with many other antique shops) that has KILLER vintage and shabby decor!! Bring a uHaul or you'll regret it :-)

    I'm planning to make the trek "back home" this weekend!


  2. Oh my, that chandy. The chair you purchased is wonderful. You are a true treasure hunter.


  3. The Shawano Flea Market....Kathy and I made a long trek up North once and landed there too; it was horrible!! But, there's always the hope of finding the best things in the worst places and you proved it. Great finds!

  4. I love that chair and table. I am happy that your flea market wasn't a total bust. I actually have bought the tube socks before, lol, and they wouldn't even go over my heel.

  5. Ha! John and I made a special trip to the Shawano flea market. I found it online and thought I had a real coo..... Just like you, found a few real treasures at great prices. Wouldn't recommend it, however!
    Good job... see you Friday!

  6. WOW! You and Jeff are like two little whirlwinds!! Glad you found some good stuff at the Shawano flea-never been to it and probably never will! Hunt & Gather looks VERY interesting--you have my curiosity peaked!! Good luck in Door County this weekend! Julie

  7. Just found your gorgeous blog via the lovely Sandy at Paint Me White, and so glad I did! Looks like you had a wonderful time treasure hunting - the perfect pastime! Now following so I don't miss another minute. K xx

  8. I love the Shawano Flea Market! :o)


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