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Friday, July 30, 2010

**ViNtaGe Garden Collectibles**

My love for "ViNtaGe Garden" started out many years ago when I lived in the Desert of all places!!!  It began with WATERING CANS and "branched-out" to other garden related go-withs...  I have my computer/office area in what I call my "Garden Loft"...  I'm surrounded with a good number of my most cherished vintage garden pieces...  Here are a few pics I'd like to share with YOU!*!*!  (click on pics to enlarge)

This is a rarer seed box...  I paid an insane price for it years ago on Ebay...  The RICE'S SEED PACKETS are also a "rare-find" - another Ebay purchase many, many, years ago...  Placement of vintage paper/ephemera is very important ~ you don't want "daylight" to fade them...

 It's rare that I buy a watering cans these days ~ It has to really be something extra special...  This little mustard-colored beauty was a recent "Door County" find this summer...

I love staging small pieces of advertising ephemera on/in flower frogs...  I think it adds just the right touch...

ViNtaGe Seed Jars...

Rochester, New York had many a seed box...
OMG!!! THIS SAME ADVERTISING SEED BOX has a "Full Page Spread" in the latest edition of COUNTRY GARDENS MAGAZINE - Fall 2010 Issue - JUST OUT...
Page 48...  Check-It-Out!*!*!

And lastly ~ ChiPPy!-SHaBBy! Shops KANE COUNTY FLEA MARKET this weekend!!!  YES - I still have some cash to spend...  If you happen to see me there ~ grab me and Say Helloooooo!*!*!


  1. Beautiful gardening vintage , you've obviously looked after it well, the colours are amazing Linda:)

  2. You have a beautiful blog!
    Have a pretty day!

  3. You truly have the BEST garden collectables! The seed boxes are to-die-for! I love the flower sprinkler that your husband had gifted you with in an earlier post. Your watering can collection is sooo much better than ours :) Thanks for sharing, I love to see what others collect.

    Hope your ventures are doing well, you seem a little happier, Tamara x

  4. Hi Jeanine! I really love the bright colors of all the seed packets and advertising, don't you?! hope to see you at Kane Co. Flea! Donna...the 3rd sister

  5. wow great stuff jeanine! love the white letters! and haven't we all paid an insane price for something on ebay?



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