~** ViNtaGe **~
One Of a Kind FiNds!*!*!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

LABOR DAY... *Saying Goodbye To Summer*

For Most People, the
 LABOR DAY HoLiDay Weekend
is a way to say **GoodBye To Summer**
September 1st begins a major shift with family routines,
 weather,  flora & fauna...

•Children are back at school, many of my friends - now becoming "empty-nesters"...  •Early Morning Coffee on the deck now requires wiping off the heavy dew...  •Berries abound on our bushes...  •Leaves are changing...  •Squirrels are making a mess of the Oak Tree...

Although here in the MidWest we'll still have many a warm Summer-Like Day well into September, I do look forward to October's "Brilliant Leaf Colors" Cozy Wool Sweaters, Warm Apple Cider, & Random Indian Summer Days...

ViNtaGe Apple Picking Bucket
LoVe F*A*L*L Apple Picking!*!*!
Wisconsin has soooooo many Orchards...

Have a Relaxing
 HoLiDay Weekend!*!*!
Savor Summer's Memories...
Look Forward to creating New Fall Ones...

Monday, August 25, 2014


It's LATE AuGuSt!*!*!
F*A*L*L is just around the corner...
Owls... & Squirrels... 
Are Beginning to Appear!*!*!

RESCUED ViNtaGe Concrete O*W*L
Last year's F*I*N*D at the Allegan Flea in Michigan...
I sooo enjoy seeing him everyday, nested amidst our cedar trees
on our winding driveway wall...
**JUST LoVe how he's perched on his detailed stump**

Another OLD FAVORITE of mine!*!*!
Netted years ago on one of our "Out-East" F*A*L*L Trips...

Time to get cracking on the
 from my recent "Buying Trip"...

**~ Mark Your Calendar ~**
@ ChiPPy-SHaBBy's House
Saturday, September 13th
More details as the event date nears...

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Hints of F*A*L*L are PoPPinG- Up...

Seasonal Change
As we head toward Fall
~*It's Just Around The Corner*~
 With a "slight change" in the air, 
I purchased the first ~MUM Plant~ of the Season... 
Displayed in a ViNtaGe, Re-purposed
 Metal Ice Cream Container...
LoVe it's natural time~worn PaTiNa
 - hints of rust here & there against the Fab Old Yellow Paint!*!*!

Our Viburnum Bush has such lovely
The leaves will be turning as well in the next few weeks...
"PeRfeCtLy-ChiPPy WhiTe" Metal Bucket, was just the right container to showcase these branches for now...

Looks like a "good crop" this year...
Our Hydrangeas are just about ready to be clipped
 & sent to the drying rack!*!*!
 (Frog Husband's Ladder in-the-garage)

I'LL have some available at my 
Sept. 13th
Here in Cedarburg, Wisconsin
(More Details as the event date nears...)

My husband's "State Fair ZINNA'S" are at the peak of blooms!*!*!  Depending on the weather, we usually can enjoy them well into the first/second week of October...

Sometimes you just want to be H*O*M*E...
~*Catching-Up On This & That*~
Working on Shabbies... Cooking Good Food...
 Baking Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins...
Spending time on the deck with good cup of coffee...

Hope your Weekend is off to a good start as well!*!*!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

It's a Wrap!*!*!
Eye-Candy Photos from Gold Rush Days
Oronoco & Rochester

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

FaVoRiTe *Chippy ViNtaGe F*I*N*D*S* from Gold Rush!*!*!

So far, I've pulled the following SHaBBies
 from this past weekend's GOLD RUSH DAYS
SHaBBy-SHoPPing Trip in Minnesota!*!*!
I most certainly have my work cut out for me
 with the rest of the S*T*A*S*H

 LoVe the ALL GREEN LETTERING on the 7Up Crate
 along with it's a bit different metal edging...
The Large Naturally ChiPPy White Bucket
will get a coat of wax to preserve it's PaTiNa... 
Thinking Pumpkins & Bittersweet ~ 
Then "HoLiDayGreens" for the Front Porch Display
Just AwEsoMe BirdCage!!!
 ~ Needs just a little "TLC"...

 ***For Years I've been On-The-Hunt***
 for a FaBuLouS ViNtaGe Concrete Saint Francis Statue 

 FINALLY ~ BeSt-Ever, Saint Francis Statue with
AwEsoMe PaTiNa & Color!*!*!
 Soooo Much More Interesting than Brand New!*!*!

 ViNtaGe Perfume Bottle with Label 
already has found a spot mixed-in with my personal collection...

LoVe...   LoVe... LoVe...
Just AwEsoMe Natural Time-Worn PaTiNa!!!
This little gem of a ViNtaGe Mirror is
now gracing the walls of our Guest-Bathroom...
It has changed the whole look of the space...

This ViNtaGe Side Chair has
EVERYTHING Going For It!*!*!
A definite keeper somewhere in my Office Loft Space...

More To Come
~*SHaBBy Sightings at Gold Rush*~

Sunday, August 17, 2014

OMG!*!*! ChiPPy-SHaBBy ShoPPing ORONOCO GOLD RUSH - Minnesota!!!

It's been forever that I've wanted to S*H*O*P the Famous ORONOCO GOLD RUSH Antique/Flea Market
 I've heard nothing but "Good-Things" about it from Dealers...  THIS YEAR IT FINALLY HAPPENED!*!*!  Frog Husband and I "Packed~It~In" these last 4 Days!!!
Here's "just an overview" to get you started!!!

"To Me" ~ It was like a "Mini Version of 
 The Round Top Texas Flea"... 
Starts Out in the "Downtown" Area of Oronoco, Minnesota...

 I talked to Dealers from
 Texas, New Orleans, Nebraska, Iowa, Wisconsin, & Illinois...

 Dealer/Friend *DIANE PASSI*
Working on her "Set-Up"
BeSt Industrial ViNtaGe F*I*N*D*S & Display!*!*! 

is not only in Downtown Oronoco...
Just about 10 minutes away, in ROCHESTER, MN
is yet another Antique/Flea Event at the Fairgrounds!!!
OMG!*!*!  ~ BeSt!!!

AFTER Shopping both Downtown Oronoco, & the Fairgrounds in Rochester,  we re-organized
 the SHABBBY Van and headed toward Minneapolis
 to squeeze a bit more in!!!

 I netted some FaB ViNtaGe F*I*N*D*S Here...

 I ALWAYS find something at this FaB ViNtAGe Shop
Lacey, the owner is so creative with her displays!!!
(Just a couple minutes down the sidewalk from Hunt & Gather...)

More pics to come...
Can't wait to Unload the Van!*!*!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

ChiPPy-SHaBBy ViNtaGe FiNdS ~ My Booth Space - Elkhorn Flea - Wisconsin

Just AwEsoMe weather this PAST Weekend
at the ELKHORN FLEA MARKET in Wisconsin
•Temps in the high 70's... •Low Wind Levels...
•A mix of Sun & Clouds
 All the Un-Tarping & "Tweaking" gets done in my
 booth starting at 4:30 a.m.
My Petite Lit Chandeliers, besides looking just dreamy

 I was off to a "Good-Start" just minutes after I started un-loading my van!*!*!
FaB Old Cast Iron Chair 
with a Natural Rusty PaTiNa in-all-the-right-places!!!
~ SOLD ~

I just LoVed this Antique/ViNtaGe Piece with FaB Form!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Of Course it S*O*L*D "Early-On" to a very sweet
 NEW ChiPPy-SHaBBy Shopper!*!*!
**A Coat of Wax will give this piece a nice finishing touch**
~ Preserving it's Natural Time~Worn ChiPPy Old Paint PaTina ~ 

 Cabinets with DRAWERS,
were  Hot Sellers in my Booth THIS MONTH...
*The Primitive Chest of Drawers*
with hints of "Old-Blue-Paint" is heading to a Young Ladies Dorm Room!!!  
*3-Drawer Cabinet*
 will be finding it's place in between a set of twin beds!!!
I just LoVe to hear about what happens to these ViNtaGe Pieces...

in this area S*O*L*D!*!*!
LoVed the 1940's Scooter!!!
Just look at those ROUNDED FENDERS ~ OMG!*!*!

FaBuLouS ViNtaGe HeadBoard
with Drop Dead GorGeouS Swags of Old Barbola 
It didn't last very long in my booth!*!*!
I could just see this one Hung on-the-wall
 above a Tub with a CHanDLier!!!
** Just Killer-Piece **

 Wonderfully ChiPPy in all the right places...
"Sealed with a coat of clear matte urethane to preserve it's natural time-worn patina"
The softest shade of old light aqua-blue paint with soft white Rose Flowers...
Everything Original to the piece
~ *ViNtaGe* ~
Soooooo Much More Interesting Than Brand New
Unique... One-Of-A-Kind F*I*N*D

"Getting a Jump-Start On FaLL" 
Quite a few PLAID items SOLD

 FaB Old Child's Standing Slate Chalkboard
AwEsoMe Retro Paper Graphics

once again joined me selling at Elkhorn, with his "Guy-Stuff"...

I LoVe ViNtaGe things adorned with B*I*R*D*S
"Almost a Keeper"
Re-Purposed Vintage Food Jar turned Vase...

 I already miss seeing this "Hooter" 
in our driveway area...

 Everyone wanted this
Re-purposed Architectural Post/Lamp!!!
SOLD late morning...

I love White Matte Pottery...
This Virgin Mary Vase/Planter
went home with a new ChiPPy-SHaBBy Customer...

~ A BiG *THanK Y*O*U ~
to ALL of those who came out and Shopped~My~ShaBBies
Thanks for your re-peat business
AND Those of you who were "First-time"
ChiPPy!-SHaBBy! buyers as well...
Y*O*U Are Appreciated!*!*!