~** ViNtaGe **~
Sooooo Much More Interesting Than Brand New!*!*!

Wednesday, May 18, 2022

SeLLiNg ChiPPy-SHaBBy Finds at-the-flea

 SeLLing One-Of-A-Kind ViNtaGe Finds
Elkhorn Flea's 2022 
Season Opener
in wisconsin

THaNk YOU ChiPPy-SHaBBy SHoPPeRs!*!*!

Sooooo Hard To Part With!!!
"PeRfecTLy" ChiPPy-WHiTe Trough with Fluted Edges!*!*!

This ChiPPy-WHiTe Garden Cart 
sat on our porch all last year, with pretty potted plants,
then fall pumpkin display...

ViNtaGe Tole Daisy Candle Holders
ViNtaGe Bottles

SeaSide Vibe Vignette...
JuSt AmaZiNg PaTiNa on this old trough!!!

OMG!!! Industrial Drawer/Cabinet...
Hints of RUST in all the right places!!!
Watering Cans with Original Old Green Paint PaTiNa!!! 

The "Barbola Garland Swag" was AMaZiNg
on this long time loved Fluted Column...

Sooooo GOOD SEEING so many of you!!!
"I loved when I heard" Customers Say ~
I ALWAYS ShoP -Your Booth FiRsT!*!*!
~* Hugs*~

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Friday, May 13, 2022


 S*H*O*P My SHaBBies
THIS SuNDaY ~ May 15th -2022-
Walworth County Fairgrounds
Elkhorn Wisconsin

It's HaPPeNing!!!
Weather is looking GREAT FOR OUTDOOR SHOPPING!!!
Hope to SEE you there!
For BeSt SeLeCtiOn - SHOP My One-Of-A-Kind ViNtaGe EARLY!


Booth #427

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Monday, May 2, 2022


Sunday, May 15th, -2022-
along with 500 more vintage dealers


Good Day ~ I'll be there!!!
If it's Raining Buckets ??????? - We'll See...
I will keep you posted!

ChiPPy-SHaBBy #427
Outdoor Booth Space 
For B*E*S*T SeLeCtiOn,
 Shop My One-Of-A-Kind ViNtaGe Finds EARLY!

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Thursday, April 7, 2022


 Seems a bit "OFF" This Year,
 Including SpringTime in Wisconsin!!!

"I Run-On-Solar"
and I'm just not getting enough sun & warmth, to kick-start busy Spring Activities!!!
**JuSt NOT Motivated**

LoVe bringing out these ViNtaGe Easter Advertising Candy Boxes!  
LoVe the old time-worn Paper Mache Rabbits as well...  Many a time you'll pick up these older Paper Mache Rabbits with "dingy" marks on them probably from unwrapped attic storage...
  HINT: Magic Erase Pads, when very gently used, will "freshen" the off white areas!!!  REALLY...

~*ViNtaGe Easter Rabbit & Bunny Advertising*~

Rare... Rare... Rare...
I have yet to come across another, or for that matter, even a photo!!!
~ B*E*S*T ~

This Year's *2022*
Front Center Easter Display,
 ChiPPy-SHaBBy "Seasonal Area" in our home...

ViNtaGe Tin Picnic Basket with Daffodil Pattern 

Hoping to "SEE" some hints of GREEN - Soon!!!
At least the BiRds are Going Chirp-CraZzzY, along with nest building, a very good sign!!!

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Monday, March 7, 2022

EaRLy SPRINGTIME ViBe with ViNtaGe FiNds...

 Each ViNtaGe Piece in this March vignette has a "story-to-tell"...

Soooo Much More Interesting than brand new!*!*!
~* One-Of-A-Kind ViNtaGe Finds *~

I think of the Vintage Dealer I bought it from...
I remember the shop, show, or flea market...
I remember who I was with...
I remember details of trip/day...
On & On...

With Easter "being so-late" on the calendar this year,
 I wasn't quite ready to go full blown ViNtaGe Easter  - *just yet*
for my "Seasonal Display Area" in-our-home, here in Wisconsin
I asked myself, what's the first thing that excites me about Spring???
Beginning to PoP...
 Lots of WHITE mixed with GREEN, feels so uplifting -
fresh, clean, & bright!

~ Working On the Vignette ~
I incorporated things that remind me/relate to - Spring's Arrival
*Bare Branches adorned with vintage felt/cotton birds...
*Folk Art Wooden Birds on Stakes
*Pussy Willows displayed in a re-purposed ice cream bucket...
*Chalkware Frog displayed under cloche...
*Iron Garden Planter Pot...
*ChiPPy-WhiTe Lattice Garden Planter Stand...
*Metal Garden Bird Adornment with patina...
*ViNtaGe Child's-Size Green Watering Cans
 *Naturally "ChiPPy-WHiTe" This & That -
 Corbels, Table, Prop Base, Window, Column, & Garden Container...

Child's-Size ViNtaGe Watering Cans
FaB Original "Old Apple Green Paint"

~*JuSt FaB*~  Sprinkling Rose Heads 
on these ViNtaGe Watering Cans!!!
Natural Time-worn PaTiNa

FoLk-Art Birdie on Stake adorns this
Old Iron Planter Container/Pot.
LoVe the Crackly Paint-Loss PaTiNa on this repurposed table top riser!!!

BiRdiE among the Pussy Willows Branches

*JuSt-A-Hint* ~ EASTER VIBE!!!
Bunny Rabbit Picture surrounded by Arched Frame!!!
**Believe it or Not** ~ This is the best reproduction I have ever seen!!!
  So well done!!!

Longing for the Flea Markets to OPEN Again!!!
Miss - Y*O*U ChiPPy-SHaBBy SHoPPeRs!!!

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SHoP-My ChiPPy-SHaBBy Finds
at Flea Markets & Speciality Shows in 
Illinois & Wisconsin
May ~November

*No firm 2022 dates set just yet!

Wednesday, March 2, 2022

Bring-On-the-GREEN ~*It's MARCH!*!*!

 ~* HeLLoooo MARCH *~
with a SpriNgTiMe ViBe!*!*!

Here in Wisconsin, we most likely won't SEE these Pansy & Viola Plants for a good 6-weeks or more!  HOWEVER, seeing these cheerful vibrant & alive plants do so improve my spirits!!!  I loved this little *FLoWeR Cart* that was show casing these plants.  I SOLD it a few years back at a Spring Show I was selling at.  It had just the right PaTiNa ~ "perfectly chippy white with hints of rust"...

Re-PuRpoSed "BiRdie Ephemera"
I tore these vintage bird pics from an old bird book & added some genuine tree branches to them.  I loved the SpringTime Vibe they added to the Flowers & Cart.  I kept a few birds  for myself to incorporate in my own Spring Vignettes in our home.  It was a great alternative to "seed packets" - which I'm not quite ready for - just yet!

~* FReSh & Bright *~
Does this say "Early March" -Or- What!?!?
Whites... & Greens...
Chalkware *FROG* is from my personal collection - BeSt!!!

ViNtaGe Crown-Top 1950's-60's Soda Bottle
with a St. Patrick's Day ViBe!!!  LoVe the little leprechaun image...  The ViNtaGe Iron Frog - just happened to "pop-in"...  The rusty, crusty bowl with wooden dividers is one of those "never to part with" - FaVoRiTEs in my personal collection.

~*Hoping to start putting some "show-dates"
 on the calendar come APRIL...

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Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Waiting For SPRINGTiMe Birds...

SpRiNg "Robin's-Nests" For Rent APRIL 1st!*!*!

Here in Wisconsin, it's still a LONG WAIT - till Spring Arrives...
The days between mid-February & April 1st, seem to last forever!!!  I long for the Song of Springtime Robins...

Till then ~ I'm mostly in "Hibernation Mode" till these cold & life-less days pass...
~* WhiLe-We-Wait *~

*Sunny Days* make me feel hopeful...

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Saturday, January 15, 2022

~*Hints of ViNtaGe VaLenTine Heart Vignettes*~

VaLenTiNe's Day is less-than a month away!!!

~* The HEART *~
International Symbol of L*O*V*E!*!*!

~*JuSt Sweet*~
ViNtaGe VaLenTine Heart Planter
with love birds under cloche...

For the LoVe of Birds & Hearts
for Valentine's Day

Working-On this year's Seasonal VaLeNtiNe Vignette...
*Red Berry Heart Wreath*
*ViNtaGe Velvet Heart Pin Cushion*
Rusty...  Crusty... Planter with a berry sprig from one of my recent walks
*Naturally ChiPPy Architectural SaLVaGe Fragment*

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Sunday, January 2, 2022

JANUARY Vignettes with *TiMe-WoRn* ViNtaGe Finds...

J*A*N*U*A*R*Y ~2022~
WhiLe We Wait - for whats up next...

~* SiMpLe Vignettes *~ 
to start off the Year...

January has me peering out the window many of days
 - looking to nature for inspiration in my *SeaSoNaL ViGneTTes...

Tallow Berries showcased in a "rusty-lid" jar
ViNtaGe Deer Planter - under cloche
ViNtaGe Scale chippy/rusty patina
Chippy-White Architectural Salvage Fragment
(all from my personal SHaBBy STaSh)    

ALL the things I LoVe!!!
Naturally time-worn in-all-the-right-places...
Things that the outdoor elements have worn to perfection!*!*!
Architectural Salvage from an older home
Rusty Garden Planter
ChiPPy Old Painted Porch Cabinet

~ A time of Winter Stillness ~
The garden is dormant...  Tree branches are bare... 
  Birdie sightings "warm-my-heart"...

Early Spring - FaLL
At Flea Markets & Speciality Shows
Mostly in Illinois & Wisconsin

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