~** ViNtaGe **~
One Of a Kind FiNds!*!*!

Saturday, January 15, 2022

~*Hints of ViNtaGe VaLenTine Heart Vignettes*~

VaLenTiNe's Day is less-than a month away!!!

~* The HEART *~
International Symbol of L*O*V*E!*!*!

~*JuSt Sweet*~
ViNtaGe VaLenTine Heart Planter
with love birds under cloche...

For the LoVe of Birds & Hearts
for Valentine's Day

Working-On this year's Seasonal VaLeNtiNe Vignette...
*Red Berry Heart Wreath*
*ViNtaGe Velvet Heart Pin Cushion*
Rusty...  Crusty... Planter with a berry sprig from one of my recent walks
*Naturally ChiPPy Architectural SaLVaGe Fragment*

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Sunday, January 2, 2022

JANUARY Vignettes with *TiMe-WoRn* ViNtaGe Finds...

J*A*N*U*A*R*Y ~2022~
WhiLe We Wait - for whats up next...

~* SiMpLe Vignettes *~ 
to start off the Year...

January has me peering out the window many of days
 - looking to nature for inspiration in my *SeaSoNaL ViGneTTes...

Tallow Berries showcased in a "rusty-lid" jar
ViNtaGe Deer Planter - under cloche
ViNtaGe Scale chippy/rusty patina
Chippy-White Architectural Salvage Fragment
(all from my personal SHaBBy STaSh)    

ALL the things I LoVe!!!
Naturally time-worn in-all-the-right-places...
Things that the outdoor elements have worn to perfection!*!*!
Architectural Salvage from an older home
Rusty Garden Planter
ChiPPy Old Painted Porch Cabinet

~ A time of Winter Stillness ~
The garden is dormant...  Tree branches are bare... 
  Birdie sightings "warm-my-heart"...

Early Spring - FaLL
At Flea Markets & Speciality Shows
Mostly in Illinois & Wisconsin

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