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Tuesday, December 6, 2022

ViNtaGe Pieces Tell-A-SToRy...

 ~*A Christmas Tree Story*~

What I love about "ViNtaGe" ~ is that just about every piece has a story to tell!!!  A*N*D this one most certainly does!!!  This PAST "July" - I was shopping our local flea, and stopped dead in my tracks!!!  This fab older wooden Christmas tree display prop, with vintage bulbs was leaning up against a trailer...  I must of stood there for 15 minutes trying to decide if I should purchase it or not...  Some pieces are like that! 

 "The Self-Talk Process" began... 
 Firstly, it made my heart beat! ~ So different, maybe one of a kind???  Perhaps a prop from a school play???  It had so much character with the old paint brush marks!  But it's soooo tall, nearing 7 ft.  If I decide to part with it and take it to a SHOW, it would be difficult for me to handle ~ and those fragile bulbs ~ I wouldn't have time to screw them back in during set-up...  The string lights were stapled on the board too...  My draw to this tree was so strong, that I went back a short while later, & to my surprise it was still available ~ maybe because it was July???  I Still Could Not pull the trigger on this piece!  I only took a couple pics of it and moved on.  After shopping the entire flea, and still feeling haunted by the tree, - I went back for *One Last Look*...  It had now been SOLD...  My heart sank...  I started chatting with the Dealer...  OMG!*!*! He said he had ANOTHER ONE - Had bought them as a "pair" from an older man in his 90's!  I asked if he would be at the next flea in September - he said yes!  Soooo come September, I hit his booth "First Thing" ~ HE DID NOT BRING IT!!!! 

-H O W E V E R -
THIS TIME, I got his contact information!  We ended up driving to his home to purchase it.  Initially, I was surprised to "see" it was slightly different.   No stapled-on lights, along with a few more chipped off imperfections, but nothing that drew the eye...  

As you can see in the pic below ~ it ALL worked, with the ViNtaGe Wooden Tree being a major anchor piece in this year's *2022* Seasonal Christmas Vignette in-our-home!*!*!

~ Fun - Facts ~
I remember where I purchased just about 90% of all the vintage items in this vignette.  I JuSt LoVe That!*!*!

I adorned "Prancer" with real mink fur fragments - for some whimsey!!! & added some sleigh bells too...  LoVe how the tree background makes-him-pop!

I LoVe having the SPaRkLe Lights on at Nite...

~* HaPPy HoLiDays *~