~** ViNtaGe **~
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Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Waiting For SPRINGTIME ~ Ugh...


~** WHiLe-We-Wait **~

For this entire past year, it seems that ALL I'VE BEEN DOING, is WAITING & HOPING!!!   Still dealing with all the aspects of the pandemic, and now - Severe Frigid Temps along with "MOUNTAINS OF SNOW", make me feel like I'm "Trapped in a Snow Globe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I'm really trying to stay "hopeful" - that better days will eventually come...
Will I ever get back to SeLLing My ChiPPy-SHaBBy ViNtaGe Finds at various Flea Markets & Speciality Shows???  - It's been way toooooo long!*!*!     

*I Miss Seeing All of My Wonderful Customers!!!
*I Miss the "Chit-Chat"!!!
*I Miss Setting-Up Displays at the Flea Markets!!!
*I Miss All the Inspiration
 a LIVE SHOPPING Experience Brings!!!
On... & On...

The reality of living in Wisconsin & close to Lake Michigan, - is that Springtime comes late here.   Honestly, I've had daffodils still blooming in the month of MAY!!!  *This Year* it's going to be MONTHS-YET, before I see my 1st Garden Hose Sighting!!!

After Valentine's Day, I like to start pulling out some of my ViNtaGe Birdie Adornments...  BiRdies & live flowering Bulb-Plants in terrariums should keep me going until Mid-March...  Maybe by then I'll have some *GOOD NEWS* about upcoming events!

PeRfeCtLy ChiPPy...  Naturally Time-Worn... Paint Loss PaTiNa...
 ViNtaGe Italian Tole 
~* BiRdie & Cherries  *~

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Monday, February 1, 2021

WeLCoMe FEBRUARY ~ The Month of LoVe...

H*E*A*R*T*S - A - FLuTTeR!*!*!
ViNtaGe VaLeNtiNe Vignettes
~* ChiPPy-SHaBBy STyLe *~

LoVe mixing-in pieces of *ChiPPy-WHiTe* ViNtaGe Finds in my vignettes...~*Especially Architectural SaLvaGe...
*Queen-Of-Hearts ViNtaGe Planter
Rare...  2-die-4...  MoSt FaVoRiTe ViNtaGe VaLeNtine Find!!!
*Fluted Edge ViNtaGe Heart Cookies Cutter is still in use in my kitchen,  while making my  LINZER HEART VaLeNtiNe COOKIES each year...
PepperBerry Heart Wreath has been in my collection for YEARS! 

Some Lucky ChiPPy-SHaBBy Customer *SNaGGed* this Red ViNtaGe Fairbanks Scales at one of the few SHaBBy-SHoWs I set up at Last Year...  Yet another one of those "what was I thinking, letting this one go?!?!?...  Glad it went to a Good Home!*!*!
SPeCiaL VaLeNtiNe Candies our from our Fab Local Candy Store - *Amy's Candy Kitchen* in Cedarburg, WI.  ViNtaGe VaLeNtiNe Post Cards with Cupids & Hearts...

This Year's *2021* 
Seasonal ~ SiMpLe 
HEART-FELT Vignette in-our-home...
ViNtaGe Red Ice Cream Bucket - Repurposed
Naturally ChiPPy-WHiTe SaLvaGed Corbels,  & Column Prop-Base
SHaBBy SHuTTeR Background Prop

Cut some branches while out on a walk...
Added hints of green reindeer moss with a glue gun
Paper Hearts with pinking-shear edges along with some
ViNtaGe Spun Cotton Birdies,  adorn the branches

~*Hoping...  Waiting...
 *2021* ChiPPy-SHaBBy SHOW DATES!!!

THIS-YEAR Has to be better than last!!!
Everything hinges on the World's Health Situation

STAY SAFE Out THeRe!*!*!

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Sunday, January 17, 2021

~*Hearts-a-FLuTTer*~ Time to open the ViNtaGe VaLenTine Display Box!*!*!

 Less than a month away for the
 "short-lived"  ~ but much loved 
VaLeNtiNe's Day Delights - That Come Mid February... 

*For the L*O*V*E of BiRdS*
~* ViNtaGe VaLeNtiNe LoVe BiRd Heart Planter *~

These type of planter/vases were used by floral shops...
Today ~you can magically transform these *Precious Little Pretties*
by just adding a few adornments.

This Year I added a shabby vintage plateau mirror as a base...  I love the filigree edge pattern!  The beveled edge mirror with a bit of "silver-loss" patina, - adds character/charm...  The Cloche Dome Top, although not old, is like ***Icing-On-The-Cake!!!

Thanks for StoPPing By!*!*!

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Friday, January 1, 2021

A Much WeLCoMed New Year... ~*JANUARY*~ -2021-


Starting Off the *New Year* in-our-home, with a very cheerful, fresh, light, & welcoming


I've always loved designating  ~just one main area~  in our home to create *Seasonal Vignettes*...

  I like the IMPACT/STATEMENT it creates - having just this ONE area, verses spreading it out all over the home.  I focus, for the most part on selecting One-Of-A-Kind *ViNtaGe FiNdS* to create these Vignettes...  I look to nature for inspiration & re-purposing objects to relate to a seasonal look ...  

 I chose to put away  WINTER themed adornments such as snow shoes, skis, ice skates etc. -  even tho they relate to winter...  I've just had enough of these in previous Holiday Displays.   THIS YEAR I WANTED SOMETHING  FRESH, BRIGHT, & UP-LIFTING!!!   

White Vintage Tote
with FReSh/ALiVe Green Leaves..

Dried Oranges ~ Strung on a ViNtaGe Ladder...
I've always wanted to try drying oranges!!! - This was the year!
I cannot tell you how wonderful it makes me feel adding this 
in the dead of winter!!!  

ViNtaGe Nail Barrel
Filled with twigs, pinecones, dried orange slices & vintage birds...

ViNtaGe *Spun-Cotton* BiRdiE
Dried Orange Slices...

Using an *Old-SHaBBy* Chippy-White Ladder as an anchor piece,
created a lot of  "air-space" - lending a much cleaner/less busy look ~ especially after the holidays.  Adding some "Dark Mink Fur Balls, Mini Lights, & Candles, added just the right balance of Winter & FreShness I was looking for...

Stay Safe *Out-There*!!!
Better Times are Around the Corner!!!

Hoping... Wishing... 
to get some ChiPPy-SHaBBy SHOW DATES
on this ~*2021*~ Calendar!!!!!

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Saturday, December 19, 2020


 ~*A Christmas Wish*~

For Better Times ahead...

~ More Kindness toward each other ~

One of the B*E*S*T things that has happened to me during this pandemic ~ is that I was a recipient of a RANDOM-ACT-OF-KINDNESS!*!*!  This will forever have a LASTING effect on me!  You hear about this all the time, but when this actually happened to me ~ OMG!!!  There is the CoZieSt little Log Cabin Coffee House about 10 miles from our current home...  I rarely travel this road early in the day ~ so it's a *Treat* to go there!  I JuSt LoVe their Apple Muffins!  My "SHABBY-VAN" got in-line at their Drive-Thru, & I placed my order for *2 Apple Muffins, & a Cup of Coffee*...  As I approached the drive-thru window, the lady said you're all set to go...  I asked how much do I owe you???  NOTHING - What???  Something's wrong, I haven't paid... This dialog seemed to go on for at least 5 minutes...   I come to find that the people AHEAD OF ME - paid for my order!!!  I was soooooo caught off guard!   I didn't even know these generous people and them me!  They were LONG GONE by the time I pulled away from the window...   I wanted to THANK THEM...   This "may" seem like a small thing to you ~ the reader, but not to me!  So, the best way to thank them & share this unexpected Random Act-of-Kindnes,  -  is just to pass-it-along!!!  Waiting for ~*JuSt the Right Time*~... 
 Here's is what I have in mind...
FOR YEARS, I have had a vision of tucking a *Note & Money* in a thrift store purse, -and leaving it somewhere - like in a shopping cart, on a fence post etc. FOR SOMEONE TO FIND...  I think THIS YEAR is the perfect time to do this... 

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Wednesday, December 9, 2020

ViNtaGe BLUE Bottle Brush Tree ViGneTTe for CHriStMaS...

 ~*SHaBBy  Blue  ViNtaGe  CHriStMas*~

-THIS * YEAR-  in-our-wisconsin-home...

It's been *YEARS* since I've displayed my ViNtaGe Christmas Blue Bottle Brush Trees and "Go-With" Adornments!!!  I started collecting these (less commonly seen) shabby blue christmas beauties when I lived "Out-West" in California & Nevada...   This "LOOK" isn't everyone's "cup-of-tea" ~ but this year I just wanted something ~*FreSh & BriGHt* for our "Seasonal Vignette Area" in-our-home...   After All, - it's a BLUE CHRISTMAS in a sense, - with ALL the CRaZZzzzyness Going On with the 2020 Pandemic!!! 

Not all the BLUE ViNtaGe TREES are Bottle Brush...
Center Tree is Tinsel, with folding branches, which I like for storage.  
The bottom has a paper Made-In-Japan Label...

ViNtaGe Creamy Oyster-White Bottle Brush Wreath,
Embellished with *ViNtaGe Finds*!*!*!
LoVe the SPaRKle & BLinG with hints-of-blue...

I love incorporating "ViNtaGe ADVERTISING" in my vignettes!
LoVe that *this-one* had so much going for it!!!
SNOW - connects with the season...
BIRD GRAPHICS - makes my heart pitter-patter, even on the cap...
Colors & Time-Worn PaTiNa is just the way I like it!!!

Shades of Blue Christmas Trees...
SPaRKLe & Bling against W*H*I*T*E*S

ViNtaGe Advertising ~ OLD BLUE SKIS & POLES...
- Peters' Juvenile Ski Line -

ViNtaGe Advertising
WAUKESHA MILK CO. CAN - Wisconsin...

LoVe the Graphics relating to a Cold/Winter Vibe!
The colors were a perfect "go-with" for this BLUE THEME Vignette!

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Thursday, December 3, 2020

HeLLooooo December...

 Not Tooooo SHaBBy!!!

~* ViNtaGe Ice Skates *~ 

A FaB Christmas HoLiDay "Go-With" Display...

JuSt FaB Form & Natural Time-Worn PaTiNa!!!
LoVe the Fussy-White Fleece-Like Collars!!!
The PaTiNa on the CHuNKy Blades!!!

Long since SOLD ~ Wish I had kept these!!!
I remember fondly this sweet Wintery Vignette by the front door at our former home, with the Season's First dusting of  S*N*O*W...

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