~** ViNtaGe **~
Sooooo Much More Interesting Than Brand New!*!*!

Monday, March 20, 2023

WeLcoMe S*P*R*I*N*G...


Time to start sprouting your 

~* Springtime Vibe *~
L*I*V*E Eastertime Wheat Grass Basket

~* ViNtaGe Tin Basket with daffodil pattern *~
OMG!!! ~ Those Colors!!!
One of the most favorite gifts
  from my precious "Frog-Husband"...

**How-To Grow the Grass**

*Purchase some rye -or- wheat berries
(I find mine at the health food store)...

*Soak the berries in water overnite...

*Line baskets or any containers, with thick aluminum foil...
*Fill with potting soil /dirt ~ initially 3/4 high in container...

*Arrange the soaked berries somewhat close together over the dirt...

*COVER these berries with about a 1/2" more of dirt...
*Lightly Water This Layer...

-Germinate the seeds-
*I set my baskets in a warm dark place, (like a closet or bathtub) covering lightly with newspaper, for about 4 days...  Do not water any more during this time...

Place the Containers in a "Sunny Window"
~*You just won't believe how fast the seedlings start "popping-up" & turning green!!!

The Containers will now require "LIGHT WATERING" every few days.  Do Not over water them! - Just a trickle now & then.  Use household scissors to trim the grass as it grows quickly.

I have made these baskets well over 20 years now!!!
I would sell them at my ChiPPy-SHaBBy Spring Shows, & give as gifts at Easter time...

*They last anywhere from 2-3 weeks after sprouting...
*If you want to "slow-down" their growing, set them in a cool garage...


Wednesday, March 1, 2023

ViNtaGe Garden ViBe FOR MARCH...


*Feeling Hopeful* for SpringTime!!!
 I like to designate *just one area* in our home, for ViNtaGe Seasonal Displays.  It adds a nice ReFreshing ViBe with impact ~ just like seasonal pillows do on the couch!!!

ViNtaGe GaRDeN & Architectural SaLvaGe
 FINALLY Hung this Lavabo!*!*! ~ After 6 years of hiding in my personal ChiPPy-SHaBBy STaSH!!!  I LoVe It!!!  Can't stop looking at it!!!  Endless display possibilities...

There's nothing like naturally time-worn old concrete garden statuary!!!

ViNtaGe Watering Cans with old naturally time-worn paint loss PaTiNa!!!
  The ones with the OLD PAINT are getting harder and harder to find in today's market...

chipped... salvaged... tattered... worn... rusty/crusty... 
~*For the LoVe of P*A*T*I*N*A*~
All these characteristics make for a ONE-OF-A-KIND F*I*N*D
No two items are identical...

Easter is early This Year...
Looking forward to freshening this display 
with ViNtaGe Easter Adornments...


Wednesday, February 22, 2023

~*WHiLe We Wait*~ FOR SPRING!!!

*Pulling-Out* my boxes of ViNtaGe Spring Adornments...
The "Ice Storm" Outside my window today,
 has definitely ~*SPaRKeD*~ some Springtime Vignette creativity!!!

~*Easing Into*~ An Early SpringTime ViBe*~
ViNtaGe Bunny Rabbits, Springtime Birdies, and one of my B*E*S*T Old SHaBBy... Crusty-Rusty... BLUE WaTeRiNg Cans!*!*!

"Gridley ViNtaGe Concrete GardenRabbit"
PeRfeCtLy ChiPPy in-all-the-right-places!*!*!
A Forever KeePeR...
~*JuSt Sweet*~

Painted-Label, Crown-Top Soda Bottles with Birdie Motif...
The birdies on top of the bottles are actually vintage "light bulbs"!!!


Wednesday, February 1, 2023

~*ViNtaGe Hearts for VaLeNtines...


It's FEBRUARY!*!*!
This year's seasonal display in-our-home

A more recent find, that I snagged at a HoLiDay Show in November... 
ChiPPy-WHiTe Arched Frame 
 FaB FiNd from my FaVoRiTe Dealer Friend, Jackie, in Michigan.

~*My Heart Be StiLL*~
I've had this Heart Tin Pan for a very long time...
I loved that I'm FINALLY displaying it!!!
ALL IT NEEDED were these darling little cards ~ perhaps from some sort of game???
  *JuSt-PeRfeCt* for this heart pan!*!*!  The cards were a recent find from my friend Carol's Booth in Germantown WI.  Sometimes it's just the smallest of things that make it all come together!!!

ViNtaGe VaLeNtiNe Heart Planter

~*Naturally Time-Worn*~ 
Old Paint-Loss Crackling/Crazing
in all the right places!!!

- Architectural SaLvaGe - 
Naturally Time-Worn & ChiPPy!!!
I always love "mixing-in"  Pieces of SaLvaGe to my vignettes...

~*Heart Flower Frog*~
RaRe...  One-Of-A-Kind...
- Another Vintage Valentine Planter -
~*DoVe LoVe BiRds*~
under cloche...

"Bake King" Metal Heart Pan
Adorned with "a little sprig of sweetness"
heart handkerchief, cupid cupcake topper, red velvet ribbon

You can easily hang light to medium weight metal on your wall
with one nail, & a flat piece of magnet on the wall first!  

I always save these Dried Red Berries from late Fall... 
 I love the refreshing *PoP-Of-Color* that they bring to my Seasonal Vignette at this time of year!!!


Wednesday, January 11, 2023

ViNtaGe *Hearts-A-FLuTTeR*...

VaLeNtiNes Day
~*JuSt About a Month Away*~

Starting to "un-box" some Vintage Valentine Pretties!!!
I like to comb-through photos of "year's-past" to get some inspiration.  Such is the case here ~ Just Adorable RED Fairbanks Scale Vignette.  THIS SCALE is yet another "What-Was-I- Thinking Items?!?!  S*O*L*D a few years back at a  Show - Ugh...

Hoping to go *Out & About* - SOON, looking for more inspiration & adding a New/Vintage Find to Kick-Start this February -2023- ViNtaGe VaLeNtiNe Vignette...

ViNtaGe VaLeNtiNe Planter has always been my most favorite Valentine Collectible...  PeRfeCtLy time-worn old paint crazing in the red heart area too... 

Jeanine Burkhardt


Sunday, January 1, 2023

Turning the page to a NEW YEAR ~2023~

~* HaPPy New Year *~
A time of Winter Stillness here in Wisconsin...

Hoping for more *Sunny Days & BiRdie Sightings*
~* WHiLe-We-Wait *~

Tuesday, December 6, 2022

ViNtaGe Pieces Tell-A-SToRy...

 ~*A Christmas Tree Story*~

What I love about "ViNtaGe" ~ is that just about every piece has a story to tell!!!  A*N*D this one most certainly does!!!  This PAST "July" - I was shopping our local flea, and stopped dead in my tracks!!!  This fab older wooden Christmas tree display prop, with vintage bulbs was leaning up against a trailer...  I must of stood there for 15 minutes trying to decide if I should purchase it or not...  Some pieces are like that! 

 "The Self-Talk Process" began... 
 Firstly, it made my heart beat! ~ So different, maybe one of a kind???  Perhaps a prop from a school play???  It had so much character with the old paint brush marks!  But it's soooo tall, nearing 7 ft.  If I decide to part with it and take it to a SHOW, it would be difficult for me to handle ~ and those fragile bulbs ~ I wouldn't have time to screw them back in during set-up...  The string lights were stapled on the board too...  My draw to this tree was so strong, that I went back a short while later, & to my surprise it was still available ~ maybe because it was July???  I Still Could Not pull the trigger on this piece!  I only took a couple pics of it and moved on.  After shopping the entire flea, and still feeling haunted by the tree, - I went back for *One Last Look*...  It had now been SOLD...  My heart sank...  I started chatting with the Dealer...  OMG!*!*! He said he had ANOTHER ONE - Had bought them as a "pair" from an older man in his 90's!  I asked if he would be at the next flea in September - he said yes!  Soooo come September, I hit his booth "First Thing" ~ HE DID NOT BRING IT!!!! 

-H O W E V E R -
THIS TIME, I got his contact information!  We ended up driving to his home to purchase it.  Initially, I was surprised to "see" it was slightly different.   No stapled-on lights, along with a few more chipped off imperfections, but nothing that drew the eye...  

As you can see in the pic below ~ it ALL worked, with the ViNtaGe Wooden Tree being a major anchor piece in this year's *2022* Seasonal Christmas Vignette in-our-home!*!*!

~ Fun - Facts ~
I remember where I purchased just about 90% of all the vintage items in this vignette.  I JuSt LoVe That!*!*!

I adorned "Prancer" with real mink fur fragments - for some whimsey!!! & added some sleigh bells too...  LoVe how the tree background makes-him-pop!

I LoVe having the SPaRkLe Lights on at Nite...

~* HaPPy HoLiDays *~