~** ViNtaGe **~
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Saturday, January 15, 2022

~*Hints of ViNtaGe VaLenTine Heart Vignettes*~

VaLenTiNe's Day is less-than a month away!!!

~* The HEART *~
International Symbol of L*O*V*E!*!*!

~*JuSt Sweet*~
ViNtaGe VaLenTine Heart Planter
with love birds under cloche...

For the LoVe of Birds & Hearts
for Valentine's Day

Working-On this year's Seasonal VaLeNtiNe Vignette...
*Red Berry Heart Wreath*
*ViNtaGe Velvet Heart Pin Cushion*
Rusty...  Crusty... Planter with a berry sprig from one of my recent walks
*Naturally ChiPPy Architectural SaLVaGe Fragment*

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Sunday, January 2, 2022

JANUARY Vignettes with *TiMe-WoRn* ViNtaGe Finds...

J*A*N*U*A*R*Y ~2022~
WhiLe We Wait - for whats up next...

~* SiMpLe Vignettes *~ 
to start off the Year...

January has me peering out the window many of days
 - looking to nature for inspiration in my *SeaSoNaL ViGneTTes...

Tallow Berries showcased in a "rusty-lid" jar
ViNtaGe Deer Planter - under cloche
ViNtaGe Scale chippy/rusty patina
Chippy-White Architectural Salvage Fragment
(all from my personal SHaBBy STaSh)    

ALL the things I LoVe!!!
Naturally time-worn in-all-the-right-places...
Things that the outdoor elements have worn to perfection!*!*!
Architectural Salvage from an older home
Rusty Garden Planter
ChiPPy Old Painted Porch Cabinet

~ A time of Winter Stillness ~
The garden is dormant...  Tree branches are bare... 
  Birdie sightings "warm-my-heart"...

Early Spring - FaLL
At Flea Markets & Speciality Shows
Mostly in Illinois & Wisconsin

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Wednesday, December 1, 2021

*CHriStMas HoLiDay Vibe* - using *Re-Purposed Vintage Finds...


~*  HeLLooo D*E*C*E*M*B*E*R  *~

It's been somewhat "bittersweet" - Not kicking off the Christmas HoLiDay Season by selling SHaBBies at a few ViNtaGe Holiday Shows this year...  HOWEVER ~ "I HAVE ENJOYED BEING ON THE "OTHER-SIDE" by shopping some of these wonderful speciality markets/events!!!

"From the moment I saw Her"...
I just knew that this now Re-Purposed ViNtaGe Garden Angel Statue, would be the major Star/Anchor of inspiration for the rest of my Christmas HoLiDay Vignette - This Year!!!

Since we moved "twice" in the last 3 years, I finally pulled out one of my favorite Arched Architectural Display Pieces!  I have missed it sooooo!!!   Too heavy to "temporarily hang" for just this Seasonal Vignette, I used these fab wavy drawers as a "Prop-Base" for the Arch.  I loved how it turned out adding dimensional interest...

LoVe this ViNtaGe "Church Village" with Deer, Bottle Brush Wreath & Trees...  ViNtage ~ Soooo Much MORE INTERESTING than Brand New!*!*!  The little string lights are like "icing-on-the-cake"!

Embellished ViNtaGe Bottle Brush Wreath with BiRdie...  LoVe the rusty color against the off-white Vintage Tree.  The ChiPPy Wooden Base is a "re-purposed find"!  It was one of those things that was so perfectly chippy with fab form, - that I just had to buy it!  At the time I had "no idea" what I would do with it...   Sooooo glad I bought it!!!

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Monday, November 1, 2021

HeLLooooo NoVeMBeR!*!*!

~*SaVoRiNg The LaSt of FaLL's Colors *~
I LoVe how the "Oak Leaves"
 - Still Hang On through Thanksgiving...

  I tend to get so much inspiration from nature.  I broke-off a colorful branch of these oak leaves on a recent walk.   I found a fab old rusty bottle tote in my ChiPPy-SHaBBy STaSh to showcase them in.  The natural time-worn R*U*S*T*E*D PaTiNa was the perfect compliment for these leaves!  I just couldn't bear putting away the "Hickory Haven" Squirrel - just yet either...   It compliments the vignette nicely!

When the month of November is brought up in conversation, the first thought most people have is THanKsGiVinG!!!  This is one of the most "over-looked" Holidays for Seasonal Display!!!  ~ Most likely due to the Christmas Holiday now clicking at our heels...  In "Our-House" I most certainly don't skip over this holiday!  Whimsical Turkey Serving Platters/Dinnerware adorn our table, along with a "fun vintage collection of Turkey this & that in my seasonal vignette area.

Sometimes *JuSt SiMpLe* is good, not needing to display everything in my STaSH!
Now that the HaLLoWeeN is put away ~ time to "SEE" what develops for this year's Thanksgiving Display!  

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UpComing SeLLing Venues
- Sad to Say-
  I will not be selling my ChiPPy-SHaBBy ViNtaGe Finds
 at any HoLiDay Venues THIS -2021- Season

~ H*O*W*E*V*E*R ~
I AM CONSIDERING SELLING SOME HOLIDAY ITEMS, along with shipping - VIA MY INSTAGRAM PAGE!!!  "Right Now" I'm all talk with no action - but have sincere hopes of making this happen!!!  It would be so fun!!! 
STAY TUNED For UpDates!!!   I will keep you posted!

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

 TriCk ~Or~ TReaT

This Year's ViNtaGe HaLLoWeen Vignette

I've been collecting ViNtaGe HaLLoWeen FOR YEARS! 
I have such found childhood memories of HALLOWEEN... 

When I was "5years old" my paper candy bag was TOO BIG!  I dragged it all over town up & down the sidewalks.  ~ I wore a hole in the bottom of the bag, yielding next to none candy by the time I got home!!! 

*FaVoRiTe Collection*
ViNtaGe Gurley HaLLoWeen Candles!!!  I LoVe the WITCHES the most!  
The Center PuMpKin (less commonly seen) is actually a waxed candy container made by Fanny Farmer Candy Co.

ViNtaGe Bottles with a HaLLoWeen Vibe!*!*!
*Salem MASS. Turpentine Witch Label Bottle
*Owl Drug Company with OWL Embossed
*White Magic Cleaner with Witch Graphics
*Old Crow Stove Polish - Crow Label

~ViNtaGe HaLLoWeeN Candy Boxes from the 1950's~
Fanny Farmer Chocolate Witch 
Baby Ruth "Be Good To Your Goblins" Slogan...

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Wednesday, September 29, 2021

SeLLing SHaBBies September Elkhorn Flea - WI

~*THaNk YOU ChiPPy-SHaBBy SHoPPeRs *~
It's a Wrap for ELKHORN FLEA THIS 2021 Season!!!

I'll have to say ~ that it was one of the "most pleasant" selling days ever!
Aside from occasional wind gusts, - the weather was just perfect! 
YOU ChiPPy-SHaBBy Customers Are-The-Best!*!*!
Great *Chit-Chat* & Everyone in a Good Mood!!!  
Y*O*U are soooo appreciated!*!*!

A FaLL ViBe abounded in my ChiPPy-SHaBBy Booth.
One-Of-A-Kind ViNtaGe Finds

I pulled this 2-die-4 Tole CHanDeLieR on-the-last-minute, to take to the flea.
ChiPPy-WHiTe with Hints of RuSt in-all-the-right-places!*!*!

Nice "Smaller-Size" Scale and it's white...

~*Painstakingly PuLLeD*~ from my "Personal STaSH"!!!
Long time loved *ViNtaGe Pumpkins For SaLe Sign*

LoVe this Gal!*!*!
Esther ALWAYS snags *The-BeSt* of my SHaBBies!!!
The *Smaller-Size Light Blue Ice Cream Bucket* OMG!!!

Everything in this vignette found a new home!*!*!
The 1950's Amber Bottles looked FaB when the Sun was shining through...

I initially had a ViNtaGe Skeleton hanging from the center of this Door/Window.
  I felt the "bats" added a taste of whimsy!

ChiPPy-WHiTe Planter Box was hard to let go of!!!

For years I've been making this
"Fluted-Edge Pan" Table Centerpiece with PuMPkiN & Leaves...

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~ Find - Me - NEXT ~
Nothing confirmed - "Just Yet"...
I'll keep you posted!

Tuesday, August 31, 2021

September Elkhorn Flea -2021- in Wisconsin...

Season Finale *2021*

along with hundreds of other ViNtaGe Dealers


Walworth County Fairgrounds
411 E. Court Street
Elkhorn - Wisconsin

ChiPPy-SHaBBy Booth #427
Grand Stand Side of the Park

*Rain -Or- Shine*
Gates OPEN 7am on Sunday

Hope to C-U There!*!*!

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