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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Minnesota Bound... HUNT & GATHER - BeSt ViNtaGe Shopping!*!*!

Our fun 4th of July "Road-Trip" was spurred on by my darling Step-Daughter's move to the Minneapolis Area...  OMG!!! - As it turns out, Amy is now living just about 10 minutes away from HUNT & GATHER - one of my "most-favorite" stores on the whole planet!*!*!   "Part-One" of another whirl-wind antique weekend!!!  (click to enlarge pics)...

We started out early Friday Morning and stopped for breakfast at this little tucked-away cafe in Portage, Wisconsin - KRISTA'S KITCHEN...  You'd never know it was there unless someone told you!

Being the 4th of July HoLiDaY Weekend, these Red-Velvet Cupcakes looked to die-4!!!

I have a real sweet-tooth!*!*!  This lemon-peach sconce was absolutely delicious...

Many Many Hours Later...
We finally pulled into Hunt & Gather's Parking Lot...

My seat belt was unbuckled before we even rounded the corner...  I could hardly contain myself as we pulled in the parking lot!*!*!   AND ~ OMG!*!*! - the back of the car was completely empty aside from our luggage!!! - This could be dangerous!!!

 Does this look inviting or what!?!?!

LoVe It!*!*!  Funky as can be... 

Here are a few pics of store displays... 
  I did end up buying a TON OF STUFF for THIS WEEKEND'S Outdoor Show at ViVa la Cottage in Sister Bay, Wisconsin - (click on my side bar for details)

This bust is at the checkout area... Look at those whimsical suckers poking out of her head!!!  This item currently is not-for-sale ~ however, "PONY" has a wish-list you can log into if and when she decides to part with it!!! - GREAT IDEA!!!  My name and cell number are on it ~ this darling chippy gal will be mine someday!*!*!

Hunt & Gather's Entry Display ~ Honoring the RED-WHITE-BLUE HoLiDay...

 The check-out area usually has some "knock-your-socks-off" displays, but it was a bit "picked-over" this time...

They REALLY PACK-IT-IN!*!*!  Everything goes UP!!!  I was sooooo happy to spend quite a few hours in the store this time...

I loved this metal garden chair...

I soooooo badly wanted this Hose Display Piece!!!!!!!!
No, I unfortunately did not come home with it...  I think it would look "Just Fab" with my ViNtaGe Watering Cans on it!!!  I may work on getting this home yet...  It was soooo hot... Late in the day... Jeff thought it was too big and we'd have to disassemble it... - GET THE PICTURE!  Every antique has a story!*!*!

Check Back ~ More Trip Pics in the next few days...
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  1. This is one place I've visited from afar and maybe one day I'll get to visit in person. From what I can tell, it's a great store!

  2. just found your blog yesterday...so cute:) too bad I'm in Oklahoma, too far away from all the fun shows...Love all the pics

  3. Dear Jeanine, I so enjoy going with you to this so wonderful shops, there are so many things that I would love to have!!!! What a great time, my darling!!!
    maria cecilia

  4. Ok, Krista's Kitchen in Portage, Wisconsin is way too close to my home, next time try the Chippy (like the name?)Chunker Dunker Cookies. They are everyone's favorite.
    The Hunt & Gather Shop looks so fun. Thanks for sharing the pictures...will put it on my daytrip list for sure!

  5. One Day!!!! I would love to visit all your favorite places!

  6. Okay...you need to let me know when you are going to Minneapolis again! We (me and my 3 junk friends) will meet you as Hunt & Gather is one of our fav places to go too! Seriously! Serious fun, no doubt. It's only a six hour drive for us. Love re-visting it again through your eyes!!

    That garden chair? To die for!



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