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Thursday, July 29, 2010

***JunKin Trucks*** Hauling those ChiPPy!-SHaBBy! Finds...

I'm in the process of looking for a Just Fab & Funky Junk Hauling Van/Truck!*!*!  I'm parting with my now too expensive "SHaBBy Pearl White Beauty" & want something that better meets my spacial needs for hauling my Props & SHaBBy ViNtaGe Finds ~ not to mention those "curb-side" SHaBBy Sightings...  I need something reliable for those early 4 a.m. mornings when I'm on the road alone...  LoVe to hear What YOU drive ~ and how it meets your needs!*!*!  OMG!*!*!  I already got an incredible "HOT TIP"on one possibility already ThiS MoRniNg!*!*!  

I think "this one" has seen better days...
A SHaBBy Sighting a few days ago on Washington Island - Door County, Wisconsin...

OMG!*!*!  Just Fab & Funky...
Most certainly No longer working... Dripping Oil like CrAzY...
A true Beauty in it's day!!!

Remember it Snows in Wisconsin...
HOWEVER - People tend to buy more smalls in the winter - less furniture...  I could make this just a SeAsoNal Spring-Fall SHaBBy Mobile & store it in the winter...
Soooooo On a Serious NoTe ~ LoVe to Hear what YOU drive & any other helpful information...


  1. I just love my truck, I've driven trucks since I was 12 and thats all I want to drive! My choice of vehicle is a 2008 Ford F250 diesel supercab and I love it! I fit all the grandkidlins in it plus I haul hay,dirt,wood,feed,flowers,junk,trash,dogs,ducks,cats,and.......my hubby!

  2. Good luck on the hunt, a gal in a truck is very empowering!!

  3. Can't wait to see what you come up with - my neighbours have an old grey VW looks half like a truck and half like a van and i totally want to buy it from them but with the old vehicles means no air conditioning so i'm going to have to rethink it!

  4. i don't care if they work, they would look awesome in my yard, driveway...anywhere...

  5. That blue truck is so amazing!! I would love that just to look at it. and Piano tuning! how cool is that..

  6. Dodge GRAND Caravan- with stowaway seats. It's awesome.


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