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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Slim-Pickings... Cedarburg WI Maxwell Street Flea Market...

Cedarburg's MAXWELL STREET FLEA MARKET, this past Sunday, was  "SLIM-PICKINGS"... Way tooooooo many empty spots!!!  Thank goodness for the dealers that did set-up...  The weather was GREAT!  Dry... Little Wind... Somewhat cloudy...  Many of you emailed me to see if I was setting up...  I ALWAYS SELL AT THE FIRST ONE OF THE SEASON - Memorial Weekend... - After that it's "By-Chance"- more like a last minute decision if I do...    

All the grassy area "use-to-be" filled with Dealers...  With all the empty spaces, I was doing BOTH SIDES of the Isles at once...  I felt bad for anyone who drove more than an hour to get there...   It's one thing if there was GREAT JUNK with limited Dealers - But overall, that wasn't the case THIS TIME...   Where were all the FAB BOOTHS from May's Event???    Of course there was always "Shopping in our Quaint little town too"...

This Vendor had a nice selection of ViNtaGe Mirrors and some Old Frames...

Regrets...  Yes, I passed up this chippy piece...  I sure stood there long enough and thought about it...  The price was soooo right too...  

Darling Dresser ~ However, the price was a bit higher than I wanted to pay AND it wasn't White and ChiPPy!

Interesting piece...  ~ Just wasn't time-worn enough, and the price was too high for resale...

I think this Dealer is from the Chicago Area...  Their booth wins "Best of Show"...  GREAT STUFF!!!  I'm  sure they did well... 

My friend Kathy, was lucky enough to snatch-up this AwEsoMe Find!!!

I bought this Mirror from Mariann...  - It WAS GOLD...  I've already taken a paint brush to it!!!  I just LoVed the Barbola Garland Swag over the Mirrored Surface...

All in All ~ I netted only a mere "7" items...  
Thank You Dealers who Did Come Out to Sell on Sunday...


  1. Hey, it looks WAY better than my Turkeyville flea market adventure, (yesterday's blog post) :) Must have been a bad weekend for flea markets. Love your mirror!


  2. Hey there! Thanks for the nice comment on our chandelier!! Glad you liked it. Bummer that there wasn't more at your market; that's no fun. I think the heat keeps vendors and customers at home. Hope to see you soon -- happy hunting 'til then. Come see us at Allegan this weekend. xo

  3. Catching up today. I love it when you post photos of the stuff you bought. I would have gotten the same things. Are you doing the last Cedarburg. I think I’m coming out then. Cynthia

  4. I haven't had any luck at flea markets lately. I think it's just too hot or maybe people are on vacation. Love your new goodies though!

  5. I'm originally from Cedarburg. Lived there for about 40 years. I went to Maxwell Street Days a couple of times. Haven't been back yet for one reason: high prices.
    I have found many little 'hide-a-ways' that I have gotten steals from. I almost amaze myself at the deals I have found elsewhere.
    I was shocked @ your pic of the vacant spaces...too bad.

  6. Love your mirror. A mere seven items...you are so cute!

  7. I came home with TONS!!!! Vintage lace bundles for a quarter...little chippy dollie for $2.00...bundle of rose barkcloth $5.00...eight rose plates...5.00...globe... $2.00...and lots more!! Vintage hose nozzles...I had much fun...and of course your booth was looking as lovely as ever...you were quite busy as I came by...it was a lovely day!!!


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