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Thursday, July 22, 2010

A mIllion & One ThAnK Yous!*!*!

Oh-My-Heart...  THaNk You Soooooooo much for ALL YOUR SUPPORT!!!  Women are InCreDibLe!!!  The Internet is AmaZiNg!!!  All the LoVe from a good number of people I've never even met ~ but have connected with through my blog...   YOU are truly appreciated/cherished... 

A women named SHARON, whom I've never met, sent me the MOST AMAZING LINK!!!  LeMoNaDe - It has changed my life forever...  Soooooo Empowering...  It's about ThE BeSt 30 minutes you'll ever set aside....  

I do want to clarify EXACTLY where I'm at with the job/no job...  I didn't get COMPLETELY AXED - just yet...  I've been given just enough hours to make my Cobra/Health Insurance Payment and put gas in the car - nothing more...  Not very rewarding working just for Health Care...   Hubby isn't working - retired...  I'm becoming bitter over the details of this major cut back...   I still have my part-time job at the Stagecoach Bed & Breakfast where I work about 8 hours a week...  I almost wish they'd put me out of my misery - collect unemployment - and FULLY FOCUS On A MORE SELF-SATISFYING LoVe of Creating Displays for a living...  I'm hanging by a thread ~ but I do have LOTS MORE TIME TO  BRAINSTORM... 

A FaVoRiTe Find I'll never part with...

 JuSt AwEsoMe!*!*!

The Basket & Pillow have long been Sold, but I LoVed Them...
Sooooooo SuMMer!*!*!

*** Things I LoVe *** 
Right now I'm thinking of putting my E-ZUP Tent near the mouth of our driveway on the weekends with my Shabby Finds For Sale!!!  ~  I'm strongly considering having a booth at the August Grayslake Flea Market in Illinois ~ August 14 & 15...  I'll keep you posted!!!


  1. I'm new to your blog but I hope all goes well for you... sorry about your job and keep your head up... Shabby Finds are in right now LOL!! :)


  2. see, the wheels are turning already! chin up and eyes forward. the tent idea might not be a bad one, or how about a home sale once a month?



  3. I'm new too...keep your eyes upward and you will never go wrong! Love the idea of selling from your yard, a good way to get known!


  4. Jeanine,
    I'm just back on blogland and saw your post. I hate that you are going through such a stinky stressful time.
    Have you considered "ocassional" sales?

  5. there is that chair love it ! we are working on the farm buildings there is a pig barn .corn crib. barn. and granary .so new roofs and some power washing. we have lots of stuff doors. windows . stained glass.furniture . we just don't have a place to show it so the pig barn is going to be our showroom so maybe next year at this time i hope it will be ready .my shop is to small i will still keep it for the garden stuff. thank you you inspire me

  6. Glad you are feeling better! (The sun always comes out the next day...)

    I'm curious about this LEMONADE thing!

    Bella Rosa Antiques

  7. YOU are going to do just fine!!!! I feel it in my bones. you are a doer and doers get things done...Your going to soar my fine female friend!! Hey, pop on over to Tongue in Cheek and vote for me. I so want to win something from Corey!!! Cynthia

  8. I'm crying right now as I type this. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for posting the link to "Lemonade".
    I have been in an Executive Level Marketing position for the past 5 years, in Marketing for almost 12. I was layed off in March.
    I can't tell you how much I identify with the people in this film, it has truly touched my heart.
    Although I haven't quite yet found what I'll be making into my Lemonade just yet, but I think if I watch this film once per week, (once per day if I'm having a bad day) I'll be squeezing those lemons sooner than later.
    Thank You!!!!!
    If you ever need someone to talk to that can identify with how you're feeling, send me a message. I'm a good listener. ;-)

  9. Hang in there friend my thoughts and prayers are with you. That passion of yours is strong.

  10. It's such a difficult time for so many right now. You'll figure it out -- we always do, don't we!!!! Love your blog. Jan

  11. Hi Jeanine~
    Oh. I see what your dilemma is. You have always been a creative survivor. I know something fabulous will come along for you. If I lived closer to you I would hire you in a heartbeat. I'll check back at the beginning of the week. xoxo Amy

  12. I'm sorry to hear what you are going through, Jeanine...do you have an etsy shop? You could have a widget on your blog to advertise your etsy items. Also you could add some blog pages and sell items off those using paypal for payment. You have great items...hope things work out for you!

  13. Hey BFF, You and I have weathered sooo many ups and downs along the way, but one sure thing is our love and friendship. I'm here for you if you need anything !!! , and you know you'll always have a place to stay if you decide to do Kane. Love you lots XXXXOOOO Terry

  14. Trust destiny..If Jill had not been axed losing her job as an executive secretary there would be no Altered Ever After...and I'd still be retired...at the time she felt just like you do now OMG! But Janine as talented as you are I'd say you are being shoved in the right direction. Best wishes and if we can be of any help in any way please do not hesitate to ask..will be keeping you in our prayers!

  15. I know the dilemna, I face it monthly here, just hang in there, keep praying and see where the Lord sends you. THANK YOU for the Lemonade link...I soooo needed that, especially after Bloomington and sending out 100 resumes this past month .


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