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Monday, December 21, 2009

*** The Year it didn't SNoW *** in Wisconsin...

Like many people at this time of year ~ I tend to take a "look back" at my life ~ ponder... think... review... Since creating eye-catching vignettes is such a passion for me, I find great joy in re-visiting past displays... Some I look at and say ~ "really, what was I thinking"!!! -OR- "I've lost my touch - haven't done anything that creative in years"... -OR- "I had to be CrAZy to have SoLd that item"... Any which way, these are all just observations/opinions... In this struggling economy, with many a magazine ceasing to be published, I do hope some of my vignettes inspire others as much as YOUR pics have me...

This vignette was near the roadside by our driveway entrance about 4 years ago... With a Garden Theme in Mind, I wanted to honor "ViNtaGe Christmas" ... It eventually did snow AFTER the Holidays, that year... I found that when ornaments get wet in cold and snow ~ it creates a wonderful time-worn patina!!!

Sorry to have SoLd this!*!*! I would just die for this now!!! ~ infact, I've looked for other old victorian "bird-nest" ornament - not finding one as nice as this...
I sold this during my winter Ebay SaLes - 2 years ago...

Wouldn't this have looked beautiful by our front door with a dusting of SnOw???
My Cousin in Nevada dries these Pommegranites for me & ships them to Wisconsin... They last in storage for quite a few years... I've tried drying them here - but it's just toooo damp... I love the true Red/Green "Christmas Holiday Flavor" they lend...

I put this wonderful Fruit Wreath on our front door just about every year around Holiday time... I bought it from my friend Julie mega years ago... With it's Fruit Theme, come January - it's still nice to have it displayed...


  1. Love your blog with all it's wonderful vignettes! Have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
    Smiles, alice

  2. I am so lovin' the pictures - especially the first one!! I got so behind and didn't even decorate outside this year...this is like the first year EVER I've lagged off!

    Hope your holiday is GRAND...we are supposed to get mega snow here on Thursday, but no problem if there's lotta hot chocolate to drink! Merry Christmas! Andrea

  3. Your displays are gorgeous! This is what I love about blogland....as you mentioned, many publications are off the market, but you can find blogs like YOURS to read every day and it's just like looking in the pages of a magazine! I've really enjoyed looking around your site. Happy holidays!


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