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Thursday, December 24, 2009

SHaBBy! "Icy" Berries, Twigs, & a bit of SpArKle!!!

The old saying... "When you have lemons, make Lemonade" WELLLLLLL- When you having freezing cold temperatures ~ "MAKE ICE LANTERNS!*!*! Heartfelt ChiPPy!-SHaBBy! Christmas Greetings to ALL of You ~ Christmas Eve 2009...

I loaded them up with berries, twigs, & a bit of sparkle!*!*!

I've so enjoyed making these ICE LANTERNS year after year!*!*!

Love & Peace


  1. How cute are they, but I'm afraid all the rain we've having would totally ruin the effect!

    Have a wonderful Christmas...think spring!!!


  2. I love those! Even though it is the day after Christmas, I think I'm going to make them anyway! It rained all day here yesterday, and today 6 inches of snow!


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