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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

"ViNtaGe Christmas" Centerpieces w/BLiNg!*!*

This "Vintage Tole" Christmas Tree is my number one FaVoRiTe HoLiDaY item... I picked it up last year at "GraysLake Flea Market" from my favorite seller, Diane... It makes for the PeRfeCt Table Centerpiece...

I was lucky enough to find these small-sized red vintage candles
to fit in the holders...

I adore "birdies"!*!*! I clipped some old vintage mercury glass birds on the branches... The metal-tole has taken on a wonderful time~worn patina on the leaves and red berries...

I added a little "glistening bird nest" adorned with small ornaments in the nest...

I've had this 2-tier vintage planter in the garage for years... I just knew it was a FaBuLouS piece when I bought it... As I was looking for items to take to the Antique Show last week, I came across it... ~ Here's how I adorned it... It makes for a great table centerpiece!*!*! I can even keep the greens fresh - I added some floral oasis foam inside the clay pots to absorb water...

I added some HoLiDaY Bling in the center...
I think a clip-on bird or 2 might be nice... My beautiful gilt-gold Doves did not sell at the show ~ sooooooooo they'll be going underneath this display - PeRfeCt!!!

"The Sweetest" ~ Vintage Birdie Post Card!*!*!


  1. jeanine, Being all snowed-in today I've been playing with some vignettes of my own. the pieces i bought from you at the show have now been the center stage pieces for my hearth and mantle!! with a natural, gardeny theme I've used cloches, birdhouses, architecural fragments, and other garden-inspired items. I'm taking pictures of all my vignettes and will try to email them to you since i don't blog (yet)!! I especially love your little birdie post card, a few of which i own as well..we do have very similar tastes!!! Happy snow day!! Julie

  2. Julie... Looking forward to seeing some pics!!! Thanks so much for your sweet winter holiday card too!!! Jeanine - ChiPPy!-SHaBBy!

  3. I love the red castles. Are they scented?

  4. How I love this pictures of Christmas table decorations. I like the vintage theme of them and rustic effect of some. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Nice decorations and centerpiece ideas. Thanks for the inspiration!

    Happy Holidays,
    Marilyn @ Christmas table decorations


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