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Monday, December 7, 2009

Snow is like "Jewelry On-The-Dress"...

OMG!*!*! We woke up to a "Winter Wonderland" this Monday Morning here in Wisconsin... The very first snowfall of the season is soooooo exciting!*!*! ***Just GoRgeOuS*** I'm sooooo glad to have woken up at 6:30 on my "day-off"... ~ After my first cup of coffee... ~ slipped on the snow boots ~ grabbed the down coat, gloves, hat, camera, & headed out with my "pajama legs" showing... ~ who cares... Over 50 you can get away with it!!!

I love Old Garden Adornments dusty with snow...

***"ViNtaGe Bambi"***
Don't you just love how sweet she is??????

Bambi is soooooo sweet!*!*!
She will be greeting our HoLiDaY Guests...
Look at her cute little tail & time-worn spots...

Red Berries on our Holly Bush really pop in the snow!!!

These Old Metal Garden Chairs look FaBuLoUs in Snow!*!*!

This Chippy Wooden Garden Chair will soon make it's way by our front driveway entrance... In year's past, I have adorned it with a big green wreath & garden tools for a funky twist on the holiday season ~ "Winter-In-the-Garden"...

Bird House on our wood pile...

Off with the Snow Boots... Time to start blogging...


  1. Your pictures are beautiful! Our November was so wonderful and BOOM...December hit and we've been hit with snow already too...a few inches on the ground from a couple different snowfalls. It's good to cover up that bare ground though, I think! Stay warm - it's only 4 degrees here! (Time to put away the wine and get out the hot chocolate!) :) Andrea

  2. Hellooooo Andrea... We're getting blasted starting today at noon through Wednesday Night - 9 - 12 inches!*!*! OMG!!! So glad I have a "snow-support" person now!!!! Jeanine chippy-shabby

  3. Your snow pictures are really nice, have viewed a lot of them from across the country over the past few days and you have captured some of the best shots I have seen. I enjoyed your blog as well, I will be back!~Jacque

  4. Frog-hubby here-
    So now I know...rising from my all-too-short slumber after getting in late from Calif. is one thing...but then seeing SNOW, snow with a hundred footprints tracked around already, was crazy. Then seeing a small Christmas tree, that seemingly "grew" in the middle of my fire-pit in a mere 4 days, really sent me into looney-land.

    Proven addage:"When the frog's away, the cat will play". At least the walls are the same color as when I left! I love you!

  5. Love love love your blogspot. Too cute, inspiring, you are always doing some creative fun stuff. I am off to faux the floor!!! Sherry

  6. l really like your pics and your snow boots are so beautiful! would you tell me the brand? thx


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