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Thursday, December 31, 2009

ViNtaGe Millinery ~ Pretty Flower Trim!*!*!

Most people think of "Ladies Hats" when "Vintage Millinery" is mentioned... ~  I on the other hand think of the delicate flower trim pieces used in this hat making process...  I have found these precious little flower adornments to add  "just the right touch of sweetness" to items such as:  statues... shadow boxes... doll pin cushions... jean jackets , sweaters... etc.   When I was at "Warrenton, Texas" this past Fall, I bought up a ton of this old millinery in a booth near Zapp Hall...  I have found great delight adorning this that and the other...  See for yourself!  Some of this old millinery still retains it's delicate paper tags ~ made in Japan...  There are all shapes and sizes, some with original pin backs still attached... (For better detail - click on pics to enlarge!)

"Adorable Sweetness"
ViNtaGe Birdie... ViNtaGe Book... ViNtaGe Millinery Adornment...

One of my favorite pieces... ~ ChiPPy Old Candelabra Base adorned with a Millinery RoSe!*!*!

Just GoRgeOuS!*!*!
Huge Old Velvet RoSeS Adorning the Mirror in my jewelry nook!*!*!

Meet "Norah-Rose" ~ Favorite Statue/Bust on a plateau mirror in my jewelry nook...
I've adorned her head with the vintage millinery... ~ LoVe It!*!*!

 I've adorned the center of this darling top with the vintage millinery...
"Just Sweet"!*!*!


  1. I love millinery flowers, can't get enough and they are so hard to find in my area! Hope you are having a great first day of the year.

  2. love your blog! it is so much fun to look around! well done!


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