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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A Bit of "HoLiDay Bling"!*!*!

It's happened... I've lost my touch ~ "artist's block"... I was over whelmed yesterday with piles of Christmas Decorating Boxes ALL over the house ~ opened... half-opened... piles of tissue wrap... fake snow & greens everywhere... AND all I wanted to do was create my Entry Seasonal Holiday Vignette... In order to do that, I need to see EVERYTHING I have... What a mess!*!*! I'm still cleaning up from this past weekend's Antique Show on top of that... AND - my husband hates messes... OMG!!! - and I need to be at work today... Sooooo, needless to say... HOWEVER, here are a few ***HoLiDay BliNg*** items that did work out...

I thought it would be fun to use "PEARL STRANDS"!*!*!

This is the darling cupboard I picked up on last week's antique trip...
The Mirror's time~worn patina is AmAziNG!*!*!
Not to mention it's PeRfeCtLy ChiPPy!

This tote is actually from last year's vignette...
I looked for the wood box yesterday & could not find it...
I think I might have lost my mind and perhaps sold it at one of my SaLes????


  1. Enough already with the snow...is it spring yet...the day after Christmas is always just the best for me, cause I start decorating for spring in the shops and yes that door is at Sisters'.

    Our new venture The Junk Asylum, will be open Jan. 2, so we are really pushing for the spring look then, always thinking garden regardless of the weather outside, a winter garden is still beautiful...if it ain't buried...ha!

    Thanks for stopping by my Northern friend, us crazies in the Nor'lunds gotta stick together, we got lots o notes to share 'bout biz right now, as us conservative mid-westerners batten the hatches for winter and economy.

    Sleeting now with an occasional ginormous flake...but it's warm right here at the PC with soft music and hot coffee...and dreams of spring...see ya!


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