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Saturday, December 26, 2009

***Birdies in SNoW!*!*! & the HoLiDaY***

With Christmas Day now behind, I can only think of the extremely long... cold... winter ahead of us here in Wisconsin... I know I'm not alone in this thinking... Once the glistening holiday decorations get put away - January seems to last forever... Hibernation sets in... Road Trips are so weather dependent... The lack of sun... The pasty white skin... The extra pounds from little exercise... All the extra gear "on & off" - hats, scarves, gloves, long underwear, boots... Bad hair days... Sooooooo - I try and find delights "in the smallest of things"... ***BiRdiEs *** ~ being one of them...

This little time~worn birdie on a stick adds some whimsy to our winter wonderland...

I snapped this pic of our resident woodpecker some days ago when the snow was still fluffy... He is soooooo handsome!*!*!

Bird Feeder just outside our kitchen window...

A gorgeous cardinal waiting his turn on the feeder...

This is "last year's" roadside vignette at our driveway entrance... My husband surprised me some years ago on Christmas - with the AwEsoMe Black Crows - out in the snow - Christmas Morning... The Crows are a permanent fixture, year round, on an old stump at our driveway entrance...

We had one of "The BeSt" Christmas Eves this year ~ just the "3" of us...
Quite Nostalgic ~ got out the "Old 1960's Phonograph" & played records as we opened our gifts... I just loved the "scratchy background sound"!*!*! Good Bye C-D's!!!

***The thick old "78" Bakelite records in their paper sleeves***


  1. A belated Merry Christmas to you! As your "almost" neighbor in ND, I empathize with the weather, hibernation, on/off with the gear, etc...but those birds...fabulous!! If it weren't snowing sideways here today, we might actually get to see some!!
    Have a joyous 2010!!

  2. Hi Jeanine... I spent Christmas watching all of our beautiful birds too... Nature is such a big part of our lives as well... love the old 78's... I inherited my dad's that he and I used to listen to for hours... sweet memories... Bisous... Julie Marie

  3. I had meant to dig out a 40's Christmas LP (33) that had belonged to my mother. I love the music on it, but there was so much going on the week leading up to Christmas that I totally forgot.

    I have a few of those old 78's. I bought them a few months back for a dime or so. The plan is to use them for artistic purposes, but we'll see.

    Question; I had never thought about it....Are all 78's made of bakelite? Is there a way to tell if they're bakelite or some other plastic?

  4. 78rpm records were made of shellac, not bakelite


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