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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Made-In-Italy - "Gilt Gold" Tole Pieces...

Let's talk "GILT-GOLD" ViNtaGe Tole & today's market...  Use to be that vintage gilt-gold tole pieces with a metal Italy tag would fly out of my booth -or- if on Ebay, would net a high dollar...  What has happened to it's attraction???

I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw this pair of Gilt-Gold Italian Sconce/Candelabras at Kane County Flea Market just a few weeks ago...  WHY were they STILL THERE hours after the Flea Market Opened???  The original white colored Flowers were even an extra +++... NO, they did not have an Italy Tag - but definitely Vintage Italian Tole, and there was a repair to one of the leaves on the backside...  These were Just Stunning Beauties!!! AND the price was soooo right for the pair!!!  I must have looked at them for over 10 minutes trying to decide to buy or not buy...   Is the current market "soft" on buying GILT-GOLD ITALIAN PIECES???  I see soooooo many other "GILT PIECES" not moving in other booths too...  

I sold this gorgeous gilt-gold wall sconce on Ebay just 2 years ago and it brought in a very good dollar for me...  

The flowers were exceptional!!! - Just like the ones on the sconces at Kane County Flea Market...

Another item I sold on Ebay for a very very good dollar!!!  - 2 years ago...  This one had porcelain roses & metal Italy tag...

Yet another "Gilt-Gold" Ebay item I sold a couple years ago...  

This is what to look for...  

Another "chippy-shabby" Gilt-Gold, Italian Tole lamp, Italy Tag, sold a couple years ago on my Ebay Site...

I'd love to hear your comments on "Today's Market" regarding 
ViNtaGe "Gilt-Gold" Italian Tole...
ThAnKs!   Jeanine


  1. Jeanine, This is not something I have collected but I think the vintage market is strongly influenced by the looks showcased in Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware. Presently both companies have showcased very industrial lines. Things I have paid top dollar for several years ago are now selling for much lower prices. I personally love to mix fancy and plain. I loved all of the pieces/

  2. I think they're stunning, who knows. I'd have grabbed it anyway. Your photos are exceptional! Have a great weekend, girlie!

  3. I personally love the look of gilded against rust...but that's just me. I'm still selling 'em...just takes a little longer.

  4. Gorgeous pieces, I would of liked to have bought everyone of them myself. The thing is I like the designs of the pieces and if you don't like the gold you can always paint them... Gold is definitely not the thing at the moment, but silver is.. isn't that crazy. I used to have gold of everything, but decided to paint most of it white... and of course style of those pieces especially shiny are not going in the direction of decorating these days... who knows why because it looks good with everything. Just like Mary said mixing plain with fancy is a great style!

    Enjoy your Day*

  5. I think that the white movement took over and maybe gold is less sought after. I still like gold and have many gold framed mirrors two of which are antiques. hugs♥olive

  6. Yes, a little slow, but I still sell exceptional pieces. That’s the market. Last year I sold a ton of Antlers (plentiful in Wis.) now they are collecting dust. Go for it while the market is hot..But beautiful stuff always sells no matter what...

  7. While I have a couple pieces in my own Victorian home, we paint them white to sell! And spray them with the hose after painting for a little rust...voila!

  8. You got it, those are amzing, i just started to love the gold chandeliers, i use to paint them, now i cherish them.. Great finds.

  9. sigh...slight sadness about the spray painting! Exceptional pieces are still selling, maybe a little slower than before, but there are plenty of collectors and lovers of vintage Italian Tole pieces left out there.

    It's part of our unusual business, isn't it? Sometimes things I am sure will sell immediately, don't, and things I wonder about have several clients who want it!

    Love these pieces, they are glorious. The quality pieces will always sell. :) Lidy

  10. I guess it depends on the area your in. I'm doing a show this weekend in Atlanta and several and I mean several pieces have sold, and there getting really good prices for them. I just love them, I think there so beautiful. I love the french look anyway.

    Love your blog, just became a new follower!


  11. I've always found the gilt tole sells for lower prices for me than the painted (orig paint of course). But I think, especially when it's mixed with the white roses, that it is quite pretty!

  12. I have some cool gold gilt sconces with the made in italy metal tag. How do you date these? Is the tag any indication of when they were made?

  13. I have some that are gold with crystals. They are spectacular. I think the young folks do not want a traditional type house they are looking for something more modern...perhaps midcentury retro. One thing I do not like about these is the white roses. I prefer all gold.

  14. I just came across a recency italian role table lamp with Lilly's the previous owner painted the flowers with some cheap paint that I'm able to kind blast off with warm water i myself am not sure what to do with it . wether to sell as is or try to get the paint off or paint it I see them going for $650 either way with the nice paint or just the gold I was going to price it at like 250 . I knew it was great find when I seen my neighbor load it in our truck for the dump . any advice would be great...


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