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Monday, August 23, 2010

**ChiPPy!-SHaBBy! - Saturday's ViNtaGe SaLe** - Cedarburg, WI

Where was EVERYONE this past SaTurDay?????  I had such GREAT drive-by exposure, - positioning my Tent at the mouth of our driveway...   HOWEVER - our usual road traffic was SLIM!!!  I put an AD in the paper...  Advertised on my Blog...  Had Fab Signs at the corner... I even had quite a few prices as low as $4.-$6.- Sometimes there were lulls of more than 45 minutes when no one even stopped...  I did however make some Great New CUSTOMERS & lots of chit-chat I otherwise would not have enjoyed!!!    Oddly enough most of the sales were things I've had a long time...  All and All - by days end I was still pleased with the Sales I did make...  (click to enlarge)

Sweet Treats!*!*!  
I usually go "all out" and have coffee along with a sweet treat...  I only sold 2 pieces of lemon tea bread...   and the Coffee Pumps were nearly full by days end...
OMG!*!*!  - I'd say things were just a bit "off" on Saturday...

NEXT SALE - at Cedarburg's Maxwell Street Flea Market at Firemen's Park Fairgrounds, Labor Day Weekend.  (See Sidebar for details)...

I'm not giving up...  I will have a few more monthly "RoadSide Sales" at the house this year...  It was just an odd weekend with last minute vacations before the kids go back to school & the weather didn't help any - being extremely HOT & HUMID...  

Many thanks to my friend SANDY who got there early to help me set up!!!! & of course my "Frog Husband"...  & those of you who did come out even if it was just to "say hellooooo"...   Jeanine


  1. It looks so beautiful ! I cannot even imagine seeing
    such a wonderful driveway sale ~
    Things have been slow here too but I am pretty
    sure it is the time of year with school starting
    and the heat is crazy !


  2. Your display was gorgeous. The pictures were fabulous. I feel like I can window shop your sales even if I can't attend. Back to school time is always very hectic for families.

    Great job again!

  3. Your displays are wonderful...you must have gotten up at the crack of dawn to get it all prettied up and ready. Don't lose heart...remember, this is just the beginning of many wonderful sales for you. When we do what we love, it will all fall together!
    Be blessed,

  4. Ohhh if you could only have this here in Orlando I would be there for sure! We just don't have the wonderful flea markets you have up north.
    Enjoy yours!

  5. OMG, what an awesome sale!!! I see tons of stuff I would have hauled off. I can see you put your heart and soul into it and it shows. Great job! I bet the next one will be a sell out...


  6. It all looks so pretty you must have worked your butt off...the next will I'm sure, be a huge success!


  7. I wish people here would have such a wonderful sale! If I lived closer I would have definitely been there!

  8. wow you went all out! i can't imagine you weren't swamped with such a beautiful set~up. better luck next time.



  9. Very darling set up! I would of stopped! I have a little shop on my property and each weekend is different, you really never know what is going to happen. I sometime just get the looky type folks and then I get the ones that want to visit my yard............It all is fun anyways and it helps me as I groom my exposure to the world.Have a wonderful week. HUGS MARY

  10. Don’t lose hope...It can be devasting when things don’t go as planned, but keep trying and if that doesn’t work, try it another way.

  11. Hi! Your booth/sale really looks wonderful! I would have stopped for sure!! I'm about to have a sale my self in September-I've been out of work for 5 months...gotta try to unload some of the treasures I've been holding on to.
    Better luck on the next sale!! That lemon cake looks delicious!!
    Love your blog
    Tammy :-)

  12. I wish I was close enough, I'd be a shopper for sure! Maybe the combination of heat and school starting has slowed things down. There are suddenly no sales here, and I'm blaming it on that.

  13. it was just hot...really hot...that's all!!

    Anne Marie

  14. I think I would wet myself if I saw a sale like this in my neighborhood!!!

  15. Maybe plan for the first of the month next time? Retired folk like me get paid on the first. It is a thought. The displays were chippy wonderful. hugs♥olive

  16. Girl, noe thats about the best Yard Sale I have seen in a while. I wish I lived closer! The little metal top cabinet... to die for! Hugs, Janna

  17. August is a notoriously weak month for sales in the retaill cycle so do not be discouraged! I am just hoping I have an off weekend so I can attend one of them in the future...see you at Kane..and thank you for your kind words on my blog xo!

  18. Must have been the same folks that weren't at Lake Geneva last week...sorry to hear that. Your set-up was to-die-for, as usual, and I'm glad it turned out okay anyway! See you soon.


  19. Well, if I had driven by a driveway with a DELIGHTFUL DISPLAY like that, you would have heard the squeel of brakes! Sorry I live so far away! Everything looked fabulous!

  20. Only wish I lived closer. I can't imagine seeing a sale such as this and driving by. Your finds are always so beautiful and they always mix together for the love of chippy!- shabby!

  21. Sometimes I wonder why I was born in the Netherlands..
    I love the shabby chic style and construction style of American victorian houses..
    It's all so beautiful! I love it!

  22. your stuff is so gorgeous! i wish i lived closer, i would have been there.

  23. Ohhh how I wished I lived closer!!! You would have heard my breaks screeching a mile away if I were to come upon your sale!!! I for sure would not have had enough $$$$ with me as I LOVE soooooo much of what you had!!! This is always a slow time of year....back to school and the heat can really HURT Ya! Just keep on keepin on!!! Cathy aka GGJ

  24. That roadside sale looked greart, wish there were sales around here like that!


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