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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Fall is In-the-Air...

Last night we finally slept with the air conditioning OFF and the Windows Open!*!*!  Nature's wonders are beginning to Show a small "Sneak Peek" of Their Colors - AND Wisconsin most certainly has them!!!

On Sunday I picked up these GoRgeOus "Chinese Lanterns" - YES, they are real - freshly harvested!!!  The shape and colors are just AmaZinG!!!

The wire basket & rusty white tin will be available Labor Day weekend @ my ChiPPy!-SHaBBy! Booth - Cedarburg's Maxwell Street Flea Market (see sidebar for details)...

A hint of Fall Color is peeking out...
Many an Indian Summer Day to come...

 I want to THanK EVERYONE for your "supportive comments" on my Blog...  It keeps me encouraged to keep moving forward regardless of a "ho-hum" sale day... Your kind words are truly valued!*!*!


  1. if only we had a sign of anything but more heat to come... and maybe a hurricane or two. but then we'll be the lucky ones i guess in the dead of winter. wish i could come to any of your shows or sales, they look so yummy.


  2. Hi girl!! Sorry your sale didn't turn out like you had hoped! But keep trying the word will surely get out and they will get better!! I am so intrigued about what you bought of mine on Sunday!?! I would love to know-but glad you found some treasures! We really need to sit down sometime soon for a chat ~ I have alot to talk to you about! There are some "changes" maybe on the horizon for me at the "Rooster" Will see you on the 18th at Pilgrim! Hugs, Julie

  3. Fall weather sounds so good. It was 101 degrees here at 9p.m. last night! I wish I didn't live so far away so I could go to one of your shows!

  4. yes, today in missouri we can actually breathe without inhaling extreme heat mixed with humidity. yay!

    okay, i'm glad i wasn't around your fab sale posted below. i would have bought ANOTHER chandie that i just don't need.....uh, i have 4-5 in bins awaiting "finessing." LOL

  5. They are absolutely gorgeous!! Come on Fall!

  6. Wow....your chinese lanterns are so ahead of mine...no sign of even an orange tinge yet over here!
    Happy day!

  7. your chinese lanterns are so pretty they do not look real...hugs♥olive

  8. Beautiful - I love fall and how you have them with chippy objects!


    Sandy @ My Shabby Streamside Studio

  9. Oh how I long for fall!! Today was the first day that we actually got a break from triple digits!!! Love your pics, and the Chinese Lanterns don't look real at all.....they are beautiful!! Cathy aka GGJ


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