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Monday, August 9, 2010

***Ohio/Kentucky*** Weekend Road Trip...

I accepted the fact that I would be missing out on BOTH Elkhorn & Grayslake Flea Markets this past weekend ~ Bottle Show/Road trip to Ohio/Kentucky instead...  

We left before the birds got up on Thursday morning...  ~ Home LATE Sunday night...  Here are some architectural highlights for you to enjoy!*!*!
Kentucky is just on the other side of the Ohio River... We crossed over to see what antiques & whatever else we might find... 

We went for a walk in the historic district of Newport, Kentucky...  The row houses were just GoRgeOuS... It was sooooo Hot!!! 

FaVoRiTe Chippy Stair Sighting...  Just loved the colors & natural time-worn PaTiNa!*!*!

Inviting window...

LoVely side porches...  Gated properties...

I netted a piece of bling at this "odd" flea market we came upon in Ohio...

We made a "restroom pit-stop" at a McDonalds & were SHOCKED to find it adorned with vintage antiques - not repros!!!  There was architectural salvage & mirrors with patina - OMG!!! 

At one time - a proud beauty...

Soooo many of these river towns were extremely poor with many an abandon building...

This small river town in Ohio was doing a Historic Main Street Restoration...  We ate at a darling diner along the river...  I did net a few finds in an antique store - but it was slim pickings...

This courthouse is in Indiana...
YES - you're seeing correctly a live tree is growing out of it's roof!!!
A rare sight to see!!!

Sunset among the wind generators...

We took the Chicago Sky Way Home...  I love zooming through the City at Night...

Please Do check back to "See" The BeST SHaBBy FiNd of my Weekend!*!*! & some "Good News Updates"!!!


  1. Those old building that are abandoned are so cool, too bad no one kept them up. Have a great week, T

  2. I love going along on your road trips...Yes! those buildings are so beautiful, I wish I could restore them, live in them, have them as artists lofts or whatever. It’s such an amazing shame that they are abandoned and meanwhile here in California they are building horrible new buildings with no character and won’t last another 10 years not to mention 100 years.

  3. Okay cannot get over taht Mcdonalds and that tree! hugs♥olive

  4. wonderful trip! Did you do the worlds longest yard sale?

    liz @ Vintage Sweetpea.blogspot.com

  5. LOVE the architecture and so sad it is falling to ruin...wish I had the time and money to hit the road, love road trips and haven't been for years...next year fer sure!!!

  6. Love your road trip pics......looks like fun! Happy Junkin.....Cathy aka Girls Gone Junkin

  7. Beautiful pictures Jeanine. We missed you at Elkhorn!


  8. Hi Jeanine! Thanks for the note on our blog. Looks like a fun trip. Did you go to the bottle show? xo

  9. Just came across your site by accident and was oh so surprised to see pics of Ripley, Ohio....the soda shop, falling down old building, the window/window box pic. I live just seven miles east of Ripley, our son resides/works in Ripley. Sorry you had to see one of the most horrible buildings in the little river town, the result of someone who owns lots of town property and doesn't take care of any of them. This does not mean everyone who lives in Ripley is poor. You should have, maybe you did????, stopped at River Breeze Cafe and Antiques right on the corner of Route 52 and Main Street. The most delicious sweets you could imagine....peanut bars...a local town specialty/jam cake bars/transparent puddings.....oh so good!


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