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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

**Meet DaRbY** Vintage JeWeLry Store Display Bust...

Netting this ViNtaGe JEWELRY STORE DISPLAY BUST made it just a bit more bearable missing ELKHORN & GRAYSLAKE Flea Markets this past weekend !*!*!  I found this ViNtaGe Beauty in an off-beat advertising booth at the Ohio Bottle Show...  I LoVe Her!!!  She definitely looks like her name should be  ***Darby*** (click to enlarge)

***Meet DaRbY***
1940's ViNtaGe Jewelry Display Bust...
Pierced ears & all...

See's a Beauty!*!*!  Love that hair-do!!!  Although she could be a bit more chippy, she still is a RARE FIND!*!*!

Just for now ~ Darby adorns my jewelry nook resting on a plateau mirror ~ Surrounded by "Bling" & ViNtaGe Millinery Hair Adornment...

I can't explain it...  MORE Weirdness with this funky vintage mannequin hand!!!  I painted her nails a bit "chippy"!!!

BeSt Old Mannequin hand...
Vintage Millinery Flowers & Bling!*!*!
I have GREAT PLANS for this one!!!

It's Official...  Thanks to all your positive blog support, I've made THE LEAP!!!  After 15 years at the Architectural Firm, I've given notice - OMG!*!*!  My last day is mid-September...
I am sooooo looking forward to doing what I love full-time!!!
The adventures of "ChiPPy!-SHaBBy! 
   I know everyday won't be sunshine & moonbeams, but I've been brainstorming lots of possibilities to further my passion... Your Blogs... Your Comments... Have enabled me to be inspired/hopeful that I can and will make a living using my passion for display...    I am sooooo grateful!!!



  1. I love Darby! Oh, it is an absolute DREAM of mine to be able to find something like her!!

  2. off you go !!! your enthusiasm with carry you through along with your generosity , kindness and cheer. You’ll do fab girl!

  3. She's just gorgeous, Jeanine! and love the crazy hand too. Wow, congrats on the life change. You're super talented and energetic, I'm believing you'll be bigger and better than ever!!

  4. That is great news. See I told you not to stop blogging. The blogger world can be VERY supportive!!!!!! xo Joan@anythinggoeshere

  5. Morning Jeanine, Congratulations, that's great news! The hand is cool :) Tamara x

  6. I love the pearl crown necklace on Miss DArby!!! I love her!

  7. I LOVE IT!!! I would love to find one of those!! She would be great to display my beaded necklaces on for my art show.


  8. Hi Jeanine! So nice to meet you , thank you for your sweet comment at my blog. I've got you added to my blog roll now so I can visit again!
    Good luck on your new adventure. It is so much work but so much fun. I do this full time , too , and I'm So glad I made that decision

  9. She is a bit quirky but I like her all the same♥♥♥ olive

  10. She is a beauty Jeanine! What a great find and well worth missing Grayslake & Elkhorn!


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