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Thursday, August 26, 2010

**Girlfriend Get-Away Weekend** - Boulder City Nevada...

OMG!*!*!  Only a few hours away till I board the plane!!!  My darling Cousin, Amy sent me a plane ticket for a "girlfriend" weekend - to Boulder City Nevada, where I lived for many years... It will be soooooo wonderful to SEE many an old friend & catch up!*!*!   

The Weekend starts off with a Garden Party... Wait till you SEE the pics come early next week!!! ~ Sally's Cottage House is a SHaBBy "WHITE OUT"...

Here's just a hint of Sally's Back Yard!*!*!

More ViSitiNg at a CABI PaRty Amy will be hosting at the Historic Boulder City Theater...  I most certainly packed my "MARY FRANCES" Handbag for this!!!

Amy warned me it's HOT - 113 degrees... I won't even know I'm having a "Hot-Flash" with temperatures like that!!!

Please do check back to view ALL MY SHaBBy Sightings early next week!!!
Have a Fun Weekend ~ I know I will...


  1. That is precious of your cousin...have fun!

  2. what a wonderful friend in Sally...how awesome of her to send you a ticket. Have a wonderful time Jeanine. your always jamming somewhere...lucky you!

  3. Hi Girl, I'm so jealous ~ I would love to get out of "dodge"!!! Have a great time and take lots of pics HA!! Watch out for those "hot flashes"!! Hugs, Julie

  4. Have fun and take LOTS of photos. ~ Sarah

  5. What a find...we need our friends to help us let our hair down sometimes. I have one of those too, my husband! We just packed an overnight bag and headed to Boston, Mass for 48 hrs and filled the van up with awesome finds from an estate sale. So happy to have these friends! I am enjoying your blog site and have just started one to help people to enjoy those shabby finds here in VT.**Lorraine

  6. you are so darn cute ... it's the little things in life isn't it?
    small moments ...to be savored ...
    can't wait to hear back ...


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