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Sunday, January 31, 2010


My friend Jenny sent me the current "early spring"issue of COUNTRY GARDENS...  It's FaBuLouS!!!  She knew I would love it because of ALL the Floral Flower Frogs & other vintage garden related items!*!*!   Here are some pics from my personal collection...

  I have a good number of my "smaller-sized" flower frogs in a little greenhouse of sort ~ made from old windows with glass...  Most of my views are from the side ~ too much glare through the glass panes...

I lined the bottom of the "greenhouse" with old cream city bricks & added a bit of green moss for contrast.  I also tossed in a few of my miniature vintage watering cans...  Oddly enough, those tiny little vintage watering cans sell for a good dollar ~ probably because they were either "toys" -or- salesmen's samples...

***Most Loved Flower Frog***  Quite unusual!*!*!

Some of the flower frogs still came with their original boxes...  

Most of the flower frogs were secured to the bottom of a vase with "Floral Clay"...  I was lucky enough find this old box...  Love the graphics...  Floral Clay also works great for securing candles...

This is my FaVoRiTe Box!*!*!  Floral stem wrapping tape... A nice "go-with" item...


  1. These are all so great!
    Why would they be called frogs???? hmmmm

  2. Hey there, I am the lady who asked you about cleaning my armouir here in Pa. I TOO collect frogs and have never met anyone else who did .HOORAY. I have 4 and non oof the unusual ones you do. Never see them out anywhere in our area so you are BLESSED. Donna Meyers

  3. In the bridal ceremony of my sister I noticed beautiful sprays of roses and flowers engaged in the shape of frogs which is something very uncommon in a wedding.

  4. Hi,I am looking to buy these,where can I find it?I am majorly interested in the antique ones

  5. I am also a collector of frogs but am struggling with an attractive way to display them... your green house appears to be perfect. Some day I'll find the perfect wire basket I hope. Do you collect the glass ones as well? I have a lot of those but just buy the metal ones now.


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