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Monday, February 1, 2010

DeLiCiOuS! ~ **HONEY PIE RESTAURANT**-Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Yesterday was a real treat...  Even though it was bitterly cold, the sun was out, roads dry...  Amy picked out a great place for us to have brunch - HONEY PIE, in BAYVIEW - just south of the City...   Approaching the restaurant, I felt like I was in Chicago ~ soooo different from Cedarburg!  I'll happily return...

Look at the "old" light fixture hanging above the entrance door...

Graphics on the windows...  

Vintage pictures on the wall ~ and yes, a chippy frame!*!*!

Here are some of the Sunday Brunch suggestions... The restaurant was crowded ~ but well worth the wait!!!  I did notice a backyard patio (still covered in snow) for when the weather warms up ~ only 3 months from now...

These breakfast potatoes were AmAziNg!*!*!  I know I'll be craving them...

How could I not have dessert???  The best cherry pie is right here in Cedarburg at "Settler's Inn" Restaurant...  Honey Pie's is a close 2nd!!! "BTW" - the coffee was nice and strong - the way I like it!

This beautiful old architecture is directly across the street from Honey Pie...

We caught a glimpse of the City & Lake Michigan as we got on the freeway...


  1. Hi Jeanine, I just found you and became a follower. I'm lovin' your blog and will be going back through it not to miss anything! Great photos!

  2. sounds like you had a fun outing--great food always makes for a good time!! by the way--your flower frog collection is impressive~~~LOVE them all!! Julie

  3. Love the menu, Fully Loaded Scramble...YUMM!!! And pie goes without asking...what a fun day trip, that's my kinda place with the taxidermy right over head...could they have been the blue plate special??!

  4. I'm visiting Milwaukee this week- I can't wait to try it out....




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