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Thursday, February 18, 2010

It's My Day!*!*!

OMG!*!*! ~ It's my BiRthDay!!!  Can't wait to see what the day brings...  How Old???? ~ Old enough to lie about my age!*!*!  
On our family birthdays my Mom would always make a "Chocolate-Cherry" Cake...  I still have the recipe & do bake it on those special occasions...  It is "The BeSt"!!!

Although my Mom has been gone for a very long time ~ I like to set out one of the many birthday cards she sent me over the years ~ and remember when...  There is something so special about the Mother/Daughter connection...

***Let the Celebration Begin***


  1. Hope your special day brings you lots of wonderful surprises!

  2. Jeanine~~ Wishing you only the best today and everyday***Happy birthday!! Julie

  3. Happy Birthday, awww...I love that you put out the cards your mother gave you-what a special way to remember your relationship!

  4. Happy Birthday.....yum,Choc,Cherry cake :)
    You are right...there is something VERY special about a Mother & Daughter relationship.

    Have a sweet day~Sheri

  5. Oh I do hope you celebrate today, you deserve to. Happy Birthday to you...

  6. Have a fabulous birthday!! Best wishes, Janice

  7. Happy Birthday Jeanine!!

    I was sorry to have missed your show in
    Germantown - next one!

    enjoy the sunshine!

    Beth Ehlert

  8. Hope you are having a wonderful birthday!! Wish I could be there to share your cake, looks yummy. Your Blog is my favorite!!!
    Kindest Regards, Kathy J


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