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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

"Sneak-Peek" - Germantown Antique Show Saturday Feb. 13th...

Firstly....   OMG!*!*! Did Wisconsin ever get hit with SNoW last night!!!   Thank goodness we'll be able put this behind us by the time THIS SaTuRdAy's ANTIQUE CABIN FEVER FLEA MARKET Arrives!*!*!  I'll be showing a few "Sneak-Peek" Pics now through Friday...  Hope you can make it to the show...  See my side bar for more details...  ThInK SPriNg!*!*!

Just AwEsoMe!!! ~ My husband can't believe I'm selling this...  A PeRfeCt Size for "next to the bed" or just about anywhere...  FaBuLouS Old Hardware...  Natural time~worn patina...   Hints of old white paint poking through...   Great lines...  Drawers slide easily...  Key anchor piece - for an "all white" room...

PeRfeCtLy SHaBBy!!!  I just LoVe this OLD BOX...  BEST SHaBBy Time~Worn Patina!*!*!  Little compartments inside...  Mirrored lid... Was almost a keeper... (enlarge for detail...)


  1. Miz Chippy Shabby,
    It's me again Donna, Just telling you after cleaning the old armouir I asked you about today I shabbily went over it with a satin white paint letting the worst SHINE through and now it is just perfect.It is now very wipeable and cleaner looking. Thanks again. So do wish I was near you but am not.

  2. I LOVE seeing the wonderful "sneak peeks". Can't wait to see all of the goodies on your booth on Saturday.

  3. The old box is BEAUTIFUL!!!
    I'm sure it will sell quick :)
    Have a great weekend!!!


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