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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Still Celebrating!*!*!

OMG!*!*! ~  "Still Celebrating"...  Another BiRthDaY Lunch - this time with my Dearest Friend "on-the-planet" - Lin!*!*!  Firstly, I can't say enough about how special Lin's friendship is to me...  - She is a REAL Gem!!!  I am honored to say she is my friend...  Many a time we flap our chops over the good food and quiet atmosphere at California Pizza Kitchen... ~ We just love going there - we can actually sit there for hours and not feel the need to be pushed out the door if you know what I mean... 

BeSt Chit-Chat Friends...  We've been known to be the last customers in the restaurant!!!

Lin had a delightful birthday goodie bag for me...  - She knows I'm "BiRd CrAzY" this year!!!  LoVE these fun spring-time napkins...

The BeSt!*!*!  I couldn't think of any place I'd rather shop...
Look at that SPECIAL PACKAGING from Anthropologie... ~ The gift card was slipped inside...

ViNtaGe!!!   OMG ~ wait till you hear the scoop on this!!!  But - Firstly, what a thoughtful vintage gift - with the bird of course!!!  I can just see it tucked in a vignette - perhaps in a shadow box or little stand of sort...

INSIDE - SURPRISE SCOOP!!!   OMG!*!*!  As I was flipping through the pages of this little birdie book, I came across this "Secret Code of Sort"...  I showed it to my step daughter... - Let me tell you - Amy is one smart cookie!!! ~ Remember the movie with RALPHIE and the RED RYDER BB GUN - "A Christmas Story"??? - Well, This was THE CODE Ralphie was writing down while listening to the radio program - locked in the bathroom... The dates match up, on the back of this book having a calendar 1928 - 1935...  It was advertising OVALTINE...   How Fun!!!


  1. Hi Jeanine! What a great birthday you've had-it just keeps going on and on~~How fun is that? I know Lin too and I agree she is a real nice lady! I also didn't know you were a stepmom! Whodathunk it? Yes, you may have the curtain tie backs!! I'd like to get $12 for them so however you want to do that let me know. I can send them or take them to the Rooster for our spring sale on the 24th of March. Let me know...Julie

  2. Hi Jeanine~
    You have always loved Lin. I can remember her name coming up in our conversations frequently. The birthday photo of you & Lin together is sweet. I remember when you were hooked on hearts. Then stars, right? And now birds. You always have fun. That's good. Amy


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