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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Thoughts of "SpRiNg" ~ Antique Show, St. Charles - Illinois

OMG!*!*! ~ I had the BEST TIME EVER "On~The~Hunt" yesterday!!!  I was just amazed at the creativity/display ideas at the Antique Expo Show in St. Charles Illinois...  Sooooo Refreshing!*!*!   It was the BeSt Show I had been to in a long time...  I'm sure the vendors were pleased ~ I couldn't believe ALL the stuff that was being hauled out that front door!!!   I myself, made 4 trips to the car!*!*! ~ Bought many an item to keep ~AND~ some to sell at the GERMANTOWN "CABIN FEVER FLEA MARKET SHOW" this upcoming Saturday - February 13th... (see side bar for details)...
I took soooooo many pics that this is "Part ONE" of Two...  YES ~ The sun was shinning in St. Charles Illinois...

After I got over my "Shopping FreNzy" ~ which I always need to do alone, I met up with my Best Friend, Terry - who lives in St. Charles, Illinois...  We have been friends since high school!!!  Terry & her husband own a Retro Diner in Batavia - "Daddios"...  Yummmmm - Great Breakfast Spot!!! Oh, by the way this was Jackie's Booth whom she shared with a friend...  Outstanding "Bling" display!*!*!

Adorable "Birdie" paper weight in Janice's Booth...

Loved the table... & the Architectural Salvage tucked below it...

Diane's Booth...  Love the Architectural Salvage & wreath with the little birdie adornment...

A few more glimpses of "SpRiNg-TiMe" in Diane's Booth above...

In my opinion ~ "THE IOWA JUNK GYPSIES" Stole The Show!*!*!  
They brought the most AwEsoMe Stuff this time!!!!!  I caught a "sneak peek" of Judy behind the bird cage & twigs... www.iowajunkgypsies.blogspot.com/

 Here's Anita, Judy's partner of the Iowa Junk Gypsies...  Their check-out area was JUST CRAZED with people waiting to pay!!!!  Way to go ladies!!! ~ You deserve it!!! - Great displays... Great stuff...  Great prices...  OMG ~ is that Anita putting "cash" in that bag???????????

Such a fab "ThInK SpRiNg" Item...  Sweet birdie Water Spigot...  I REALLY wanted to take this home ~ but the price was a bit hefty...   Check back in the next day or so for "Part Two Pics" from the Show...  THANK YOU to ALL the Vendors who worked so hard on their displays and hauled all your stuff!!!  YOU made it worth the drive...


  1. The fleas are itching! Glad you got out while you could. We want to come to this show, just never know about the weather! Looks like fun!

  2. The fleas are itching me too...you lucky dog...got a comment from Anita the other day and she said I need to do the shows with my stuff,soaps and such, she said we'd sell well...I'm thinkin about it, but it's so much work to set up...I'd rather buy...and who wouldn't...ha!

  3. Wow- we are flattered- and SOOO glad you were able to snag the finials you wanted and the pillows. We had an AWESOME show...and are super inspired for our March "Garden" booth at Kane County...we drove through snow onthe way home dreaming of garden ideas....

    And yes, I forgot my money purse in the van, so I had to make bags of money and lock them in our toolbox until I could get the purse- good grief!

  4. Great to see you...love your blog! Janice

  5. Oh how I wish I could have gone to the show! Looks like another gem of a show. Thanks for sharing.

  6. "After I got over my "Shopping FreNzy" ~ which I always need to do alone..."

    I totally identify with this. How can I hear the things that are calling my name if I'm chatting with someone? :)

    Sounds like a terrific show and your photos are great.


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