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Friday, January 8, 2010

SHaBBy ***SNOW PICS*** Winter Wonderland...

Our Wisconsin Snow Storm seems to be over... I really don't think we got hit has hard as some places did...   ~ Maybe 8 inches total???   I just had to snap this pic of  my "SHABBBY" Car as I was  brushing it off  after work last night...

LoVe It!*!*! ~ SHABBBY IN SNOW...

Our beautiful CEDAR TREES!!!  We have such a long winding driveway...  My husband has his work cut out for him later today!*!*!  I'm hoping my car makes it out of the driveway ~ especially at the mouth where the snow plow leaves a hugh pile!!!  


  1. That is the best license plate ever...your poor hubby..whew...it is beautiful thou

  2. Simply Beautiful!!!

    Cute License plate too :)


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