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Saturday, January 16, 2010

FrOsTy!*!*! Antique Saturday Morning...

Jeff & I headed out somewhat early this Saturday morning to the West Bend Antique Show - about 15 miles from our house...  As we're traveling along the back country roads ~ OMG!*!*!  A FrOsTy Winter Wonderland appeared!!!  ~  It wasn't like this by our house...  It seems the warmer temperatures, mixed with fog, created a lovely frosty coating on ALL the greenery...  See for your self... 

Neither of us had any high expectations driving to the show...  Just a fun winter outing on a FrOsTy Wisconsin Winter MoRNiNg...  It appeared to be an older crowd waiting to get in...

This was my one and only favorite find (which I did not buy) at the show...  ChiPPy Old Birdhouse... YES - there were some quality items to be had - just not my chippy-shabby kinds of things...  Major "Brown-Out"...

After lunch we made a quick pit-stop at an Antique Store...

Of course ~ the Architectural Pediment was marked NFS!*!*!


  1. Jeanine,

    REally enjoy your blog! My hubby & I were going to go to West Bend today but weren't able.
    Sounds like we didn't miss much.

    Beth (from Viva Vintage show!)

  2. Just talked to TOT-Time Worn Interiors, she's at The Red Barn show in Texas and said that it was mostly old people there too, that always means Looky Lous. She said it had been raining alot and sales were sluggish...what we do for our craft...hopefully tomorrow will be good for her!

  3. Hi Jeanine--SOOOOO funny that I went with my daughter to the W.B. show and took the exact same picture of the exact same birdhouse!!! It was the only thing there that I liked!! I confess I did buy some little valentines--the only thing that really tempted me. disappointing for the $5 entry fee. See ya! Julie


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