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Sunday, January 10, 2010


I did indeed come home with a good number of small "SHaBBy Finds" this past Saturday...  HOWEVER, I do have to say -  I TRULY MISS THE OLD GRAYSLAKE LOCATION & BUILDINGS...   The new location with it's ONE large drab new building - excessively tall ceilings, has absolutely no charm/character!!!   The Old Location was THE BEST ~ with it's numerous old out-buildings/crude-like shacks - It enhanced "All the Old Stuff" & your hunting experience...   I'm sure a good number of you will agree...  Oh well.... Progress???????

Here are some "Small Pretties" I took home with me!*!*!  Some are "keepers" ~ Others will be at my future SaLes or on Ebay...  EnJoy!*!*! (click on pics to enlarge detail... comments are appreciated!)

Sweet!*!*! Bird watercolor (Diane's Booth)...
Gorgeous Vintage Brooch (I bought more jewelry from the same dealer)...

A touch of Bing!*!*!  I loved this very old "bling fragment" - just  loaded with "french paste rhinestones"...Definitely a keeper...

I picked up a couple pieces of "White Matte Pottery"...  The Birdie Candelabra (Sandy's booth, rhubarb reign) isn't old - but just sweet... I could definitely see it adorned with some vintage millinery... The little book has flower pictures in it - sweet adornment especially in a shadow box of sort...  The fabric is a wonderful white and beige table runner... (Kathy's booth)

ViNtaGe Valentine Heart... It's so hard to find unique old valentine items...  I found this old heart in Diane's booth...  The beautiful old millinery flowers and ribbon could very well be original...  The darling cupid/arrow brooch was found in another booth... ~ As you can see, they compliment each other PeRfeCtLy!

OMG!*!*!  One of my "major weaknesses" is mirrors with patina...  This was my Favorite Find of the Day!*!*! ~ (from "Chandelier Kathy's Booth")...  Just AwEsoMe!*!*! - Definitely a keeper...

The wreath-like flower garland looks like crinkly old foil - it's not etched...  It had a wire on the back for hanging ~ but I've chosen to lay it flat like a plateau mirror...  "The BeSt"!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - THanKs Kathy!!!

More birdies and bling...  This vintage necklace was from the same seller I purchased the brooch from (in my first photo) along with this pair of pink birdes...  The little framed birdie will look wonderful as an adornment in a shadow box of sort...

Even though it's the dead of winter here in the midwest, ~ you could find "subtle signs of SpRiNg" in Diane's booth...  It was adorned with little birdies here and there, along with an ever so subtle sprig of flowering branches, wreaths and valentine adornments... ~ Quite a welcoming sight!*!*!

Tin Vase ~ great form with it's fluted edge... (from Diane's booth)

Great Form!*!*!

This old clock did-not go home with me ~ but I loved it!!!  It had such great potential in a jewelry nook...  I could just see it with perfume bottles on the top shelf and perhaps doll pincushions on the bottom...  The support posts were twisted glass...

Sticky... Ooey-Gooey... Crusty... Rusty... Nicotine Residue...
OMG!!! This dealer had "3" gorgeous old chandliers that were "just caked" with all this crud ~ not to mention rarer missing pieces...  AND I was told he had already cleaned them...  They must have come from some very old bar  where people smoked and ate greasy food...  What a "Bittersweet" Sight!!!


  1. I''m so jealous! I've never been to Grayslake! Looks like you did well. Keep the eye candy coming!

  2. I keep thinking Grayslake is a show we might do...or at least SHOP. I have an award for you on my blog, because your eye is very inspiring!

  3. Some cool stuff. I love that necklace (?) pictured with the vase.

    I broke a mirror a couple of days ago, found it at a Goodwill Outlet store, and hadn't even made it up to the check out when it rolled right out of the cart. Broke into a million pieces on the cement floor. I was just sick. It was large, oval, and beveled.


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