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Thursday, January 28, 2010

***ViNtaGe VALENTINE Postcards & Adornments***

As I was out & about yesterday, I saw many a store display with **Refreshing Valentine Themes** ~ at the bakery.... antique store... drug store card isle...   & candy store...  Did I have my camera ~ NO....  Soooooo ~ here's a sneak peek of items in my home & antique store displays from this past weekend... 

I love this Chippy, Old, Crusty, Rusty, Mailbox!*!*!  What a perfect use for a Valentine Vignette...  Can you believe I  had this beauty For Sale several times & it got passed up!!!   You see these Shabby Mailboxes  ALL along the country roads - but none are available when you want one...   Besides using this Old Beauty for Valentines ~ I think it would look just FaBuLouS on a post in a garden with trailing rose vines...  The ViNtaGe Post Card - seen in the photo should be up on my Ebay Site Soon - I'm sooooo running behind this year on my selling... Lots of effort ~ such little free time!!!

I have a wonderful collection of Vintage Valentine Postcards...  Cherubs seem to be a very popular theme...

A hint of ViNtaGe Millinery...  Cherub, postcards, & bling...

I saw these darling vintage valentine adornments in an antique mall...

This is a darling "Lefton" Cherub Candy/Trinket Heart Dish... The Lefton company made a lot of "seasonal" adorments...  Most of their items still retain a sticker on the bottom with their name and made in "Japan" ...

OMG!*!*!  What was I thinking?????????????????????  I saw this quite unusual vintage valentine planter on our antique travels this past weekend...  The price was a bit high ~ but after all it was perfectly chippy!!!  Major regrets ~ did not buy it...


  1. Jeanine~
    I can't believe you didn't buy that darling heart-shaped planter. I know the feeling of getting home with regret about not buying something you've fallen in love with. Oh well, I guess it's balanced out with all the things I HAVE bought that I now regret. :)Amy

  2. How sweet is that planter? Love it!! Come see me at
    Carol in Georgia


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