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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

ChiPPy!-Crusty!-Rusty! ViNtaGe Watering Cans & Garden Ephemera

***For the LoVE of ViNtaGe Garden***  ~  I'm drawn to old, time-worn watering cans with patina...    In my creative loft space,  I surround myself with some of my most cherished smaller-sized items from this vintage collection... Most of my shabby pretties are reserved for the jewelry nook area in the master bedroom and entire guest bedroom... 

ViNtaGe Garden Emphera!!!   Seed Packets...  Garden Catalogs... Seed Company Advertising... I have them displayed in an area of my loft that DOES NOT get direct sunlight...  The old color printing - probably lithos -  is sooooo beautiful ~ just precious!!!   I have drawers full of even more garden-related ephemera  - all tucked away - to be gone through on a rainy day... EPHEMERA is a type of adverstising/packaging that was meant to used for a short time - then thrown away...
These are some of my "Sweet Little Watering Cans  with Decals"...  All of these cans are pretty much the same style - yet unique in their own way...  I just love their original sweet little time~worn decals!*!*!

Such Great Character....  So much more interesting than brand new!*!*!

Notice the difference- "ornate curved handle edge" - compared to the White One - with it's "straight metal support" for the spout ...

Of these "6" darling watering cans, I would have to say my FaVoRiTe is the the Blue one with the RoSe...  I love it's acquired time-worn patina and the pretty RoSe Decal...    I believe them to be from the 1950's ~ used to water house plants... 


  1. I'll never forget the little yellow can my Granny used to water her African violets with, it sat on a shelf about the sink...where I used to sit to get my hands and feet scrubbed...ahhh, back in the day!

  2. These are all awesome! Great pictures girlie!


  3. You make me want to go shopping in my own town! Nice work! What's up for this weekend? I need to hear the sweet spots b4 you go! Maybe I'll see you walking down the road. PS I love all these blogs too. Now I'm blog crazy : o

  4. Love that vintage seed stand and those watering cans! They are darling!
    Found your site via Pinterest. Great to meet! Lovely blog. Cheers! ~ Karen


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