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Thursday, November 12, 2009

ViNtaGe Mirrors w/Patina....

"Old Mirrors" with silver-loss patina is a major weakness of mine... I can't stop buying them!*!*! The frames ALWAYS have to be original chippy old white paint... Here is one I picked up just a couple weeks ago... The "barbola flower frame" couldn't get any better!*!*! I just love the "silver loss crinkling" on the right lower edge... Sorry ~ It's definitely a keeper... (click on pics to enlarge details... Click on comments to leave feedback...)

This is a small sampling of my ViNtaGe Mirror Collection...
~ AwEsoMe Silver Loss Patina ~


  1. MYSTICAL MIRRORS...OLD mirrors fascinate me because I envision them embodying the "spirits" of of those gone before us, whose images were imprinted, but briefly, in the looking glass. When you look in a vintage mirror, can you see them?

  2. i love the oval mirror, the chippy silver loss is beautiful..........mostly i love the chandelier reflecting in the gorgeous mirror... xoxo gina p


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