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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

KANE COUNTY Flea Market - Illinois...

I drove to Illinois on Saturday to the KANE COUNTY FLEA MARKET - Just shy of a 3 hour drive for me... I knew this would probably be the last of the outdoor markets for this season... It was sooooo cold and windy... I had my "down coat" scarf, & gloves on... Lots of the vendors were displaying their Christmas items with the HoLiDaYs just around the corner... (click on pictures to enlarge... Click on comments to leave feedback...)

Iowa Junk Gypsies Booth...

This darling "Radiator" went home with me!!!!
It's going to be the main focus for my Christmas Vignette!!!

I Love ViNtaGe BLUE Items for Christmas!!! I always do our guest bedroom with them... It was refreshing to see this color display...

As I was hunting around in this lady's outdoor booth, I come to find SUE SHOPS AT ALL MY SALES IN CEDARBURG!!! ~ She even had one of my tables there in her booth from an '08 Fall SaLe!!! Sue & her husband are from Wisconsin - about 30 miles from us!!!

As always, I made a "pit-stop" at my dear friend, Terry's House before hitting the road back home... Terry lives less than 5 minutes from the fair grounds... We had a moment of fun with these witch hats blurred in the mirror on Halloween Day!!! Doesn't she have FABULOUS HAIR!!!!!

I decided to take the backroads home... It was just about dusk when I drove through LAKE GENEVA... It was sooooo beautiful... The road is right next to the water... In the winter it freezes over and cars drive on it...

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  1. Wow- I still don't know for sure if my wife is a witch...sometimes I wonder though as she occasionally cackles something gruesome like threatening to put FROGS in her kettle!! Naughty!

    Froggy on Witch alert


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