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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Junker's Essential Car Kit!*!*!

The other day I stopped at our local "UpScale" ~ Sendik's Grocery Store... I just love shopping there!*!*! It reminds me of "Gelson's" in California... Sendik's is always in tune with seasonal displays... I think I'm going to start taking pictures of their inside vignettes... All their holiday greens are now outside - welcoming daily shoppers... I was feeling a bit sad looking at the greens & the price tag that went along with it... In this economy I need to watch my pocket book along with just about everybody else... Sooooooo - do I go out in the dark & chop branches off of other people's pine trees or what?????

After grocery shopping I was driving down a residential street... THERE IT WAS ~ This hugh pile of freshly cut Pine Tree Branches ~ set out at the curb for the City Crew to pick up along with the end of season leaves!*!*! These branches were hugh!!! Like a Girl Scout, I'm always prepared ~ I almost always have the complete "Junkers Essential Travel Kit" in my car ~ which consists of: bungie cords... blankets... bags... tools... cardboard... gloves... & clippers!*!*!

I love my "Smith & Hawken" clippers... I'm sad to hear that ALL their stores are closing...

Sendik's Crates filled with greens...

Sendik's greens arranged in pots...
$50.- I don't think soooooo... ~ Although this would look lovely in some old chippy cement urns on either side of the front door!!!

I love the store logo - the truck is darling!*!*!

I keep posing this ChiPPy-SHaBBy lettering because I love it so!*!*! I found an AwEsoMe Old Board/Door in Warrenton, Texas this past Fall - in hopes of mounting these letters on it... It should make a FaBuLouS Display piece at my SaLeS!*!*! Mariann should be delivering my finds in the next few weeks ~ getting anxious!*!*!

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