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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Seasonal ENTRY VIGNETTE ~ THanKsGiVinG...

With THaNksGiVinG just about 2 weeks away, I knew it was time to put away the vintage halloween and get my seasonal entry display area set up for THanKsGiVinG!*!*! THanKsGiVinG is such a short lived Season... I LoVe ALL my VinTaGe Turkey Decorations!*!*! ~ and soooooo do my HoLiDaY guests... (click on any pic to enlarge... Click on comments to leave feedback...)

Seasonal Entry Vignette...

This CONCRETE TURKEY PLANTER is one of my favorite finds!*!*! It has a PeRfeCtly weathered PaTiNa... I picked up the darling little industrial metal stool at Kane a couple weeks ago... I love putting out the (smaller turkey planter) filled with spoons/forks on the Thanksgiving dessert table...

My ViNtaGe Turkeys ~ some are Gurley Candles... Some Paper Mache... Some Ceramic w/Japan Labels... The tall display stand they're on is just AwEsoMe! ~ I should have taken some colorful detail pics ~ chippy, crusty, rusty, old green paint!!!

This ViNtaGe Turkey Platter is an AwEsoMe Advertising Piece from a Furniture Company in N.C.

I love this Chippy Old Crock loaded with Rose Hips!*!*!


  1. What a beautiful disply, Jeanine!! I am so glad you told me about your blog...you and I have such similar tastes! I'll enjoy reading about your "adventures" and viewing your decorating. Will have to have one of my daughters show me how to do this. Julie Miller

  2. Thanks sooooo much Julie!*!*! Good talking to you this past weekend... Sorry I wasn't able to attend the HoLidAy Gathering at the store... Maybe I'll pop up there this weekend hoping to find something PeRfeCtlY ShaBBy in your booth!*!*!

  3. What a fabulous vignette for the holiday! You are so fortunate to have that entry space to add your special touch. Thanks for photo and sweet comment...it's much appreciated. Janice


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