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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sweet "Aunt Loretta"...

My "just darling, sweet-sweet" Aunt Loretta passed away early Friday Morning at the the age of "97"... She was such a cutie!!! Almost always she would adorn herself with sweet little pins/brooches, along with matching earrings and handbag... - A real detail person!!! - I must take after her... She found fun in being a "Red Hat Lady" ~ LoVeD Pansies ~ Had seasonal displays on her door wherever she lived... Up until a couple years ago she still E-mailed me and did her own laundry... Her Singer Sewing Machine kept her busy with major alterations - zippers - hems - sleeves... She loved shopping at the "Turn Around Store" and would do alterations for both herself and others. She ALWAYS brought joy to others - had an amazing light spirit about her - always accepting the way things were and knowing that we're never given more than we can handle. Living so long she had a heart breaking family life - a husband with alzheimers for 8 years - and 2 daughters both dying from cancer - one just 2 weeks ago... In her 90's she had to move 4 times - so hard for an older person... With each move she would round up a volunteer or handyman to get her little furniture & wall hangings placed just right!! - Fussy like me!!! I think I took after her more than my own mother... I will truly miss her phone calls... She passed on in a season she loved - "Fall"...

I just LOVE this picture of Aunt Loretta in her RED HAT!!! Most certainly she was having fun with the girls!*!*!*!

I had postage stamps made for her with the Special Red Hat PICTURE!!! photo.stamps.com I mailed them to her using the stamps"... They stirred up quite a conversation!!! I will treasure the letters she sent to me with these stamps... Look at her beautiful handwriting...

Aunt Loretta & Me... Look at her cute "Pansy Pin"!!!

A Fall Visit to Cedarburg... Aunt Loretta in her PLAID FALL PONCHO!!!

FALL was one of Aunt Loretta's favorite seasons... Each year I would send her a box full of "Bittersweet Berries" for her to decorate with. We both looked forward to this harvest... Oddly enough, we do not have any growing on our property... I have a secret hiding places along the wooded railroad tracks where I would get them...

MYSTERY PACKAGE... Just a week ago on our doorstep I received a "Mystery Package" addressed just to me - It had 2 LIVE BITTERSWEET PLANTS - male and female... THERE WAS NO SENDER'S NAME ON THE BOX - just the company name where it came from in Michigan... Somehow I think it was her that sent them...

Jeff and I planted the bittersweet and tagged them with orange ribbons so we can recognize them in spring... Whether they were sent by Aunt Loretta or not, they will bring a smile to my face come Fall, as I fondly think of her and our love for the season and each other... "Bittersweet"...



  1. I only hope I'm that lively and fashionable at 97! I have no doubt that you'll carry on her spirit, Jeanine. My love and thoughts are with you.

  2. Dearest Jeanine
    This memoriam and tribute to Loretta's Spirit (And yours) is beautiful. It's perfect!
    Love, Jeffrey

  3. Oh my! You love her so much and your loving tributes to her on your blog touched my heart and reminded me how caring and sensitive YOU are. I know you will miss her. Thanks for sharing all those wonderful stories -- what a Lady !! -- Luv u - Sharron

  4. What a lovely dedication to your aunt. What a special lady!
    My thoughts are with you,


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