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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

"ShaBBy~Wrap" your Bird.... No Kidding!*!*!

BeSt TURKEY ROASTING Method!*!*! It's getting down to the final hours of ThaNkSGiVinG Prep - timing everything perfectly so it's all done at the same time... For as long as I can remember, I have Roasted many a Turkey using the"fool-proof" method of CHEESE CLOTH WRAPPING ~ YeS, thats right!*!*!

One of my favorite parts of the Turkey is the skin... Using the cheesecloth roasting method ensures a somewhat crisp (not soggy) skin, amazing beautiful color, & a very juicy bird!*!*!

Wash the bird... Quarter an orange - squeeze & rub the orange inside and out of the bird... Season with salt and pepper... Combine about 2 cups of melted butter & 2 cups of oil in a large bowl... SOAK THE CHEESECLOTH IN THIS MIXTURE... Set your stuffed or un-stuffed bird on a rack in a roasting pan ... Double layer "Mummy-Wrap" the Bird with the saturated cheesecloth - but not on the underside where the bird touches the rack... THAT'S - IT !*!*! Every 30 minutes baste the bird THROUGH THE CHEESECLOTH, with the pan drippings...

All the wonderful dripping from the bird combined with cooking the neck parts make for a delicious gravy... Extra secret ~ add "gravy master or kitchen bouquet" for color...

Our "upscale" grocery store - SENDIK'S, had these adorable "Turkey Butter Sculptures"... I treated myself as a nice go-with for my turkey-squirrel-acorn whimsy table adornments... Until it's time to set out the butter on the table, I've placed the box in a prominent spot in the fridge - to enjoy each time I open the door - which is often!*!*!

I just had to break open the box to fully see it!*!*!

I just love this turkey towel from Williams Sonoma...
I got one for my friend Lin, too...

"Happy Turkey Day"...
I'm thankful for ALL the new acquaintances & inspiration
I've received through blogging!*!*! Feedback ~ Comments are always appreciated... Click on pics to enlarge...


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  1. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! Let's do it all over again!.......well, maybe next year. A++++++


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