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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

RoAdSiDe FiNds... Free $$$ On The Curb!*!*!

First you see it... Instinct kicks in... You slow down... Get out of the car... You access the situation... Is it really the right distance from the curb, to be free for the taking??? - after all, she did have a pumpkin sitting on it... I begin to look it over... How much can I make??? Can I lift it into the car myself??? What season will it sell in??? Where will I store it??? - Winter is around the corner... It's an outdoor item... If I need to paint it, how much time will I spend??? Is it really worth it??? Is it easy to repair??? Does it have good form/character??? How desirable is it really??? How can I display it to make it more sellable??? This is the "self-talk process" I went through yesterday when I saw this table near the curb... Some items are a no brainer - it gets tossed in the back of the car & I quickly speed away hoping no one saw me... Others like this one, I chose to pull away empty-handed...

The Approach... Is it a good one???

The table still haunted me hours later... I went back... As I got closer, a sinking feeling came over me... I think it's gone... I want it even more now... NO - it was STILL THERE... I guess I made the right decision - I left with an empty car again... Roadside Finds don't happen very often for me, but when I come across a good one - it makes for a fun time ~ especially if it's a keeper!*!*!

I would LoVe to have this parked in front of one of my SaLeS!!!
My dream is really an Old White Ford Pick-UP Truck!*!*!

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  1. That is so funny, I do all those things when I see something sitting along the road too!


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