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Friday, August 5, 2011

Time-Worn ChiPPy!-SHaBBy! Trinket Box...

As I'm cleaning out my nooks & crannies - I've found yet another ViNtaGe Box -  that I dearly LoVe...

A perfect time of year to display this!!!
Rusty burnt oranges - sooooo yummy... 
The box is original - "old tattered paper"... 

I remembering netting this at Hunt & Gather in Minnesota... Such a FaB Store!!!  The box has such character with all it's imperfections...  (click on pic to enlarge...)

Smaller-sized trinket boxes are just great for tossing in a little bit of this and that...

Have a great summer weekend...
I'm headed out to Shop Kane County Flea!*!*!


  1. Don't-cha love finding things you might have forgot about? I'm having to catch up blog reading and scrolled down to see what else you're up to. You have some wonderful boxes! Loved all of them!

  2. I love this one most of all! Is it painted or velvet? I just started a collection of velvet boxes and am having a ball!
    As always, your stuff makes me drool. Love it!

  3. Oh I love velvet boxes and only have one. maybe next flea market I will find some.
    I do have lots of old boxes but not as pretty as this one. You always show the best stuff

  4. What a story these old boxes could tell! I find them irresistable.

  5. love your box! and I like find things with the colors of the season that I can use in displays.

  6. Oooo, Aaaa!!! Pretty Vintageness.
    Hugs, Liz


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