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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

**ChiPPy!-SHaBBy!** Shops ELKHORN FLEA - Wisconsin...

All I can say is UNBELIEVABLE!*!*!   The weather this past Sunday was "Just PeRfeCt" for Outdoor Flea ShoPPing!!!!!!!!  Every dealer space was FULL...  and the CROWD was definitely buying!!! 

 Just Mobbed with Shoppers ALL-DAY-LONG!!!

 There was definitely lots of competition for buying...
This is my first~ SAD TO SAY... ALREADY SOLD... I would have paid just about any price for this!!!  Nice smaller size - endless FALL DISPLAY Possibilities...  

Again, I would have paid just about any insane price for this Re-Purposed Rusty PUMPKIN CART!!!
 Just FaB!*!*!  (enlarge this one...)

Spotted this ChiPPy!-SHaBBy! Door
 near the end of the day...
  Too ChiPPy???  Too SHaBBy???
I bought it!*!*! ~ PeRfeCt background Display!!!

BEST!!! - LoVeD this Display!*!*!
 For a minute I thought I was in Warrenton Texas/Marburger!*!*!  FaB ViNtaGe...

BeSt French Fries Ever ~ Served on a ChiPPy Table - Of Course!!!


  1. Hi There, So sorry we didn’t connect. I was there but after a very late night the night before. I didn’t get to Elkhorn until 9...what a bummer but managed to shop the smalls and got some great things but didn’t have time to even go to the bathroom just kept going...didn’t even look up from the tables...kept my nose to the grindstone. Enjoyed it very much. Back home now...exhausted...take care friend, Cynthia

  2. Fab door, Jeanine! I always love your photos and great inspiration, yea pumpkins!! xoxo

  3. Not too chippy for me! Great colors!!

  4. Looks like it was sooo much fun!!! Love your door too. Hope you show us where you put it:)
    ~Debra xxx
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  5. Loved it all. The door was great of coarse.

  6. You are an awesome food critic! Italian beef and fresh french fries rocked, and so great to know because of all the other awful food. You got some great finds, and it was fun to see you on an even playing field!!!!

  7. Gosh. Everthing in these pictures looks so exciting and wonderful. We don't have anything down here (Alabama) that comes close to looking this yummy. I'll bet you could take one of your yummy pictures with all the goodies that you can see in that one picture and that would be the amount of "good" stuff in the entire flea market. No joking.

  8. that is a great door. i loved that flea. will definitely go again. actually i can't wait til september. and those fries were amazing.

  9. Husband and I were just there. Excited for Maxwell St. Days in Cedarburg! Great finds!

    Grafton, WI


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