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Saturday, August 27, 2011

**ChiPPy!-SHaBBy!** Rusty ViNtaGe O*W*L*S...

I'll have to admit ~ I really haven't spent as much time as I would like/should have - in the GaRagE these past few days...  The weather has just been "BLISSful"...  I chose to connect with friends... Go for a drive... Hang my head out the window... Dine at outdoor cafes... and take some walks instead...  In between all of this, that, and the other - I pulled out the hammer and started my "EARLY FALL ENTRY VIGNETTE "...  These OWLS reminded me that I really shouldn't "give-a-hoot"!*!*!   

I LoVe OWLS in the FALL... 

 I picked up these time-worn RUSTY VINTAGE OWLS a few months back... They were covered in MUD!!!  I just knew there was some great patina underneath!*!*!

The natural time-worn rust spots give them such character...  Sooooo much more interesting than brand new!*!*!

Can't wait to SEE what else develops...


  1. These guys are adorable, you always have the best entryway displays! Have a great weekend, Jeanine!

  2. They are a HOOT literally. We have two real great horned owls in our yard at the yellow house. They come out at dusk and hunt and are quite beautiful as are yours. Happy hunting, xoxo, olive

  3. Oh, I have been noticing a lot more owls down here in Alabama,too. I'm glad you've been able to enjoy some nice weather. I'll bet it's been great!


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