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Thursday, August 4, 2011

ChiPPy!-SHaBBy! **North Shore ShoPPing** ~ Chicago...

Yesterday Frog Husband and I headed out on a "Day Trip"...  After a business appointment in downtown Chicago,  - we met some friends in Evanston, Illinois for lunch...   I just LoVe Boutique Shopping & Quaint little Cafes!*!*! - and Evanston has some of that!!!   I get sooooo much inspiration from visiting these places...  Leaving home in quite a rush, I unfortunately forgot my CAMERA!!! - OMG!!!

 One of my "Must-Stop" places was STELLA BOUTIQUE, on Central Street, in Evanston, IL...  I don't get down there as much as I would like, but once again, I netted an AwEsoMe Necklace "with bling"!*!*!  LoVe the re-purposed vintage...    

 After Shopping a few Boutiques, & many Antique Stores (soooo wish I had my camera...) - We ended up in Highwood for the the WEDNESDAY NIGHT NORTHSHORE FLEA!!!  What a GoRgeOuS Night it was!*!*!  The market was just hopping with a mix of live music, antique dealers,  food booths, & a farmers market...   
I netted 2 FaB Finds from Jan & Kathy's Booth - 
the ViNtaGe Clock & Etched/Fluted-Edged Mirror above...

 I think I've found just the right spot for it!!!

 Finding just the right spot for an item - makes it just FaBuLouS!!!
BeSt PaTiNa!*!*!

I love the Form & PaTiNa
 of this ViNtaGe Clock from Kathy...

I have a fun ChiPPy!-SHaBBy! ShoPPing weekend planned!!! 
Hopefully I won't forget the camera!*!*!


  1. 'twas a real treat to see you and Jeff there! Kathy's clock and mirror look so "right" in your vignette - glad you found them!

    Your new necklace is delicious; will have to get to Evanston one of these days. (You need to publish a guide or lead tours to "where SHaBBy shops")


  2. I was there too! It was great - a nice atmosphere and perfect weather!

  3. Love the bling on that necklace. Now where I would wear one similar is another matter. I party on the blogs only.


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