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Monday, August 8, 2011

ChiPPy!-SHaBBy! Birdcage... Buttterflies... Berries... AS WE EASE INTO FALL!*!*!

 As we get closer to mid-August, I start thinking "Fall Vignettes"...  I've already started to subtly tweak my Summer vignettes with a hint of Fall...

 I've "Freshened" this Summer Birdie/Butterfly adorned Birdcage, by introducing the globe thistle & carrion berries in a chippy barbola/wicker basket...

The addition of "Dried Fall Berries" eases my display into Early Fall...

Design/Manufacture by - HENDRYX, as seen on the sliding front door... 

BeSt ChiPPy-Paint PaTiNa on the Birdcage's Finial!*!*!

With this "subtle freshening" ~ I'm not saying goodbye to summer, nor rushing the fall season ahead...


  1. great bird cage! The butterflies are showing up around my house.

  2. Great job adding fall tones! Looks soooo amazing- isn't it crazy we are in fall mode already! agh!! XO Traci

  3. Beautiful fall display!! Love those berries in that cool wicker vase! Where did the summer go? (Oh yeah, we missed it cuz we had to stay inside in the a/c to survive!)


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