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Friday, November 5, 2010

**ChiPPy!-SHaBBy!** ViNtaGe TURKEY VIGNETTE!*!*!

Thanksgiving Holiday Decorations always seem to be few and far between with just a little over 3 weeks between Halloween ending and Christmas decorating beginning...  At home - early November just seems way tooooo soon to "put out the Christmas Bling"!!!  Thanksgiving is one of my FaVoRite Holidays and as soon as November 1st rolls around ~ up goes my "ViNtaGe Turkey Collection"!*!*!  

"Just FaB" Old Turkey Boxes!*!*!  One of the boxes is from a town in Wisconsin not too far from us!!!  I purchased both of them at Antique Shops over the years...

 This great old antique platter has advertising on it!!! ~ Probably a "Furniture Store" give away with purchase...

This Old Concrete Turkey Planter has acquired the Best Old natural time~worn Chippy paint PaTiNa!*!*!

This old rusty... crusty... green metal stand holds many a ~ vintage paper mache, wax candle,  & ceramic turkey...

The BIG TURKEY was probably from a farm that Sold Turkey Birds... - BeSt!*!*!

Full View ~ The Vintage Turkey Vignette could still use a bit of "tweaking" ~ but good enough for now...


  1. What a wonderful Thanksgiving collection and I love all the vintage turkeys! I'm with you...I love to celebrate Thanksgiving...it is becoming the forgotten holiday. I am your newest follower...come say hi.

  2. Turkey day is fast approaching! Great turkey boxes!

  3. I love them all, but that concrete one is so spectacular! Lezlee

  4. Oh, I love the vintage turkeys! I have a little collection of turkey tureens, but unfortunately they are all new.



  5. ~*~*LOVE The chippy turkey planter!!! ~*~*Hugs,Rachel ~*~*~*

  6. Its so fun to find vintage packaging that someone has held onto that normally would not have survived or had enough value placed upon it during the time it was made to be something most people would have preserved for future generations to enjoy. Today at a Thrift Store I found two Vintage Sewing Needle Cardboard storage books with the most adorable graphics... most of the needles were still inside and since I am a fabric Artist it was a delightful 'score' since I will enjoy AND use the contents! Thanks for sharing your Vintage Thanksgiving collection... love it!

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  7. Fantastic collection. I have never seen so many gorgeous turkeys in one place :)

  8. I didn't imagine that a turkey could receive many honors!

  9. Tweak not...perfection is reached. Love the planter. ♥O

  10. LOVE love, your vignettes!!! The turkeys are just way wonderful!!!
    love ya,

  11. Love those vintage Turkeys! Thanksgiving is a fav of mine too! Love your vignette..you have the BEST stuff!!
    Tammy :-)

  12. Love it!! So glad you were thankful for the season, so many skip it! HUgs, Janna

  13. I too have a HUGE turkey collection of over 100 pieces. Do you know where I could purchase a "concrete" turkey like yours? I get excited too after Halloween to display all of mine but only 3 weeks is not enough!



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