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Friday, November 26, 2010

**Time to Think ViNtaGe Christmas** ChiPPy!-SHaBBy! Style!*!*!

Near the end of the Christmas Season "last-year" ~ I made a decision to sell my ViNtaGe Christmas Blue Bottle Brush Collection...   I even took pictures of each and every one of the items, found a box for shipping, and planned to list the items for SaLe around this time of year on Ebay...  Well let me tell you ...  NO WAY!*!*!  I just un-boxed these "rare-beauties" ~ THEY ARE JUST STUNNING!!!   Definitely KEEPERS!!!  Parting with my Vintage Pink Collection was insane enough!!!  It takes years to acquire these "more-rare" finds...  I've linked-up with Debra of Common Ground for her ViNtaGe InSpiRaTioN Friday...  Maybe I can inspire YOU to start up a collection of something that's ViNtaGe Christmas??? - Love to SEE IT!!!  Enjoy the "EyE~CaNdY"!*!*! Sorry NOT For SaLe...  (click on pics to enlarge details...)

This one is My FaVoRiTe!*!*!  Thick Bottle Brush Branches ~ The Old Snow is Still Nice and White...  Funky 1950's 


Such Character...

"Glistening"...  The branches fold-up for easy storage...  Tips have mercury glass beads...

Made-In-Japan...  I try and buy my trees with their Original Vintage Labels...  

Mixes well with a bit of "SHaBBy-BlinG"...

This tree is more on the Aqua-Blue Color - but mixes in well with other shades of vintage blue trees...

I usually don't like to add-on an embellishment - but this one just called for the vintage rhinestone pin!!!

The wood base is a bit "ShaBBy!"

I stopped dead in my tracks when I found these amazing "vintage ornaments with blue glitter on them"...  Such a PeRfeCt Go-With!*!*!

I almost let this one get away...  Thank goodness the Lady "changed her mind"!!!  I've had 3 blue wreaths over the years - soooo hard to come by-   This one is definitely a keeper now...  The snow is still nice and bright - Not Dingy...

Wonderfully ViNtaGe
~  Blue Bottle Brush Wreath  ~

Frog Husband and I are off "antiquing" TODAY!*!*!  I'm hoping to Sell MORE Of My SHaBBies in a show THIS DECEMBER  ~ I'll keep you posted on my side-bar...  I'm on the "wait-list"...


  1. Those are amazing! You have such a great eye for harmony in your photos, and kudos on the Porch cover!

    Sandy @ My Shabby Streamside Studio

  2. Those are absolutely gorgeous gorgeous!!
    I totally would not be selling those
    either ~


  3. Old Bottle Brush trees are hard to find. Glad you kept yours. Hope you have a great weekend, T

  4. Great trees - what a super pretty shade. Have a great weekend.

  5. Those are great Jeanine - glad you kept them!
    Can't wait to hear what you find today.
    Happy hunting!


  6. I am happy you kept them and are sharing the photos with us....they are gorgeous!!!

  7. Be still my heart...what a wonderful collection, Jeanine! Full of nice rare pieces! I could never part with my bottle brush goodies either...

  8. Those are keeper's. Love the blue colors.

  9. Love all the blue... what a fabulous collection!

  10. Be Still My Heart ~ My Favorite Holiday & My Favorite Color..... A M A Z I N G!
    Cheryl ~ ZM

  11. Sometimes there are things we just can't part with! I was cleaning out a drawer the other day and found your business card, I think you gave it to me at Brimfield! It made me smile!

  12. LOVE your vintage trees....especially the aqua!

  13. Sometimes we come to our senses just in time don't we?!?! Beautiful collection!! Julie

  14. Gorgeous! I just love those vintage bottle brushes this year!
    ~ Julie

  15. So so pretty.. absolutely love that color. What a beautiful collection. Come link up to my vintage Christmas party if you like! http://verymerryvintagestyle.blogspot.com/2010/12/very-merry-holiday-home-new-link-party.html


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