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Monday, November 8, 2010

**SaTurDaY's ChiPPy!-SHaBBy! ViNtaGe ShoPPing**...

Did I ever pack-it-in this past weekend!*!*!  I headed toward Illinois early Saturday Morning...  What a joy - the Sun was coming out!!! AND it ended up being a warm "Indian Summer" Fall Day - THE BEST!!!  First Stop was Tea at my friend Joyce's House - hadn't seen her in over a year!!!  We then ventured out to the town of Western Springs where a "craft/antique show" was being held - "Cottage Holiday Market"...  After that I took off on my own to "Shop Kane County Flea"...

I was pleasantly surprised to that Chris & Mark had set up at this HoLiday Market...  They had "The BeSt Time-Worn SHaBBies!!!  

Yes, these 2-die-4 Corbels with acorns were in
Chris & Mark's Booth... 

I knew my friend Terry Beltran was going to be set-up at the Cottage Holiday Market...  It was so fun to SURPRISE Terry & Daughter Kristi!!!  Terry makes every single one of these items ~ all by hand...  Kristi is "the BeSt helper!!!  Her selling season starts in early October - December... 


Another surprise at the Holiday Market was that 

Onward to KANE COUNTY FLEA MARKET...  I'll have to admit ~ I was a bit saddened/out-of-sorts that I hadn't set-up to sell at Kane this month...  The Fabulous Weather drew a Huge Crowd!!! ~ AND it sure looked like people were buying!!!  Tons of dealers OUTSIDE...  I saw this Fab old rusty heater adorned with original jewel-like gems - Loved It!!!

Here's a close-up of the colored stones...  I would imagine that they glowed to some degree when the gas heater was lit...  I envisioned it adorned with Holiday Greens and a few hanging ornaments...  
The dealer wanted $400. for it - NO WAY...

Janice shared a booth with her friends Denise and Mark in one of the semi-outdoor covered buildings...  THEIR BOOTH WAS JUST MOBBED with shoppers!!!  MARK is sooooo talented with display ~ check out his web site:  INDUSTRIAL LIVING

I fell in love with these vintage industrial carts from an old garden center... Of course they were all sold by the time I got to this outdoor booth...  They were such a perfect smaller size and a beautiful "apple green" color...

This same dealer had a larger cart that was just as awesome...  However, it was just a bit too big for my needs or resale value...  JUST FAB ITEM - Limitless possibilities...

 And lastly, Diane's Booth...  Looked just FaB - as Always...  I was sorry I hadn't purchased a stool  from her on Saturday...  My friend Terry was kind enough to see if it was still there on Sunday - of course it was GONE - SOLD - NO WHERE TO BE SEEN!!!
  LESSON:  When you see an Antique - BUY IT!*!*!  

** ** ** 
Hope to SEE YOU this upcoming weekend at Grayslake...  I've been working hard at selecting "FaB ViNtaGe Finds" to adorn YOUR HoLidAy Displays...
Word is my booth will be Located next to Diane & Across from RHUBARB REIGN
Northwest Section of the Building...
(see sidebar for details)

Have a great week!*!*!


  1. hi hon ... we should've hooked up at kane!

    BUT I am making plans to shop the northwind christmas extravaganza!

  2. I love the little heater but like you that is way out of sight... I will be posting a pic of my little stove all decked out for Christmas in the next couple das. I just took a pic a couple minutes ago for this week of posting...

  3. ~**~Awesomen chippy treasures!!!~*~Hugs,Rachel

  4. Going to be in Cedarberg this Thursday and Friday...Can you give me some suggestions of places to go....beside the breakfast place in milwaukee...djohannesen56@gmail.com


  5. The heater was way cool but $400?

  6. Jeanine those vintage garden trolleys are my favourite what ashame they were all sold when you got to them. I could imagine one of them in my bathroom. Sandy xx

  7. Thanks for the mention and picture in your post. Great to see you on Saturday! Joan@anythinggoeshere

  8. I LOVE the old heater the best! The old stones in it are awesome. I love the old cart in the last pix, we have a few at Country Roads and they are always calling my name!

    Take care, Sue

  9. Great post! I met you at thee Vintage Cottage Market. You must be worn out after all you did this past weekend.


  10. I checked on those green carts too- SOLD. I bet they went right away because they were super cool.


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